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8 Common Soap Packaging Mistakes That Could Cost You a Fortune

8 Common Soap Packaging Mistakes That Could Cost You a Fortune

The role of packaging has grown significantly. Thanks to the ever-increasing competition in soap marketing, brands are investing more time and money to craft compelling packaging solutions than ever.

From labor to distribution, environmental impact and more packaging affect almost everything. However, overlooking certain aspects of supply chain and product can increase your cost greatly. When designing your custom soap boxes, keep costs in line by evading the following common mistakes:

Failing to Refresh your Packaging

It’s essential to review your custom soap box packaging every few years to make sure the design successfully draws customers and is in line with your brand messaging and strategy. See if your packaging requires any necessary changes or material and technological improvements.

For instance, if your soap was encased in a non-eco-friendly packaging, it makes more sense to opt for biodegradable materials if you are targeting environmentally conscious customers. If you are already using eco-friendly packaging, use a more sustainable material to gain higher strength and make additional savings.

Over-Packing Your Product 

It’s not unusual for brands to over-pack their products, especially when they are sending out fragile products. But it’s rare for other products to be over-packed. So it’s imperative to carry out a variety of tests before determining the right amount of packing for your soaps.

By eliminating unnecessary materials, you will get additional space to place cushioning inside the box. Plus, this will reduce your shipping costs, and aid you earn more money.

Not Testing New Packaging Designs

When creating a new custom printed soap boxes, you have to ensure it aptly meets handling and shipping requirements as well as customers’ expectations. One of the biggest cost soap manufacturers bear is from the returned damaged product.

Joining forces with a prominent packaging company like The Legacy Printing can help you overcome this problem. Since a reliable packaging partner can suggest you the best packaging materials that can be properly tested to determine the performance of the solution.

Overlooking Distribution Requirements

If the packaging is developed without keeping distribution requirements in view, it can quickly increase your costs.

However, classifying various stages of the product distribution starting from manufacturer to store shelves can prove useful in determining the best packaging materials for your product.

Fail to Take Shipping Cost into Account

Switching from a rigid box to a Kraft packaging can radically diminish your packaging’s overall dimensions, which allows you to increase the amount of product shipped on each truck.

Brands using lightweight materials for packaging end up dispatching more products than before. More importantly, they manage to reduce their shipping costs too.

Sticking with One Packaging Size

The capability to accommodate more than one packaging size can open several new avenues. For instance, some soap brands manufacture their products in different sizes to meet diverse requirements and increase their sales volume.

For example, a large soap manufacturer would like to dispatch its products in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Not only it will help them boost their consumer base but also improve their proceeds.

Shying Away from Sustainable Packages

Is your custom soap box packaging eco-friendly? Biodegradable packing compared to non-sustainable packaging cuts materials costs and helps conserve natural resources.

You can find numerous options to package your beauty soaps that are carved out of recyclable material and are available at unbelievably low prices. A reduction in cost means you can outshine the rival products by offering your products at the best prices.

Ignoring Labor Cost Related to Packing

Adding more labor can instantly increase overheads. In contrast, automation can improve your productivity and saves you tons of money in terms of wages.

However, setting up an automated plant for packaging requires a huge investment, so it’s best to outsource your packaging to avoid production costs and issues related to the process.

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