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8 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus Pandemic

8 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is fighting a war against the new coronavirus pandemic. Due to which you must have noticed the change in sales and revenue for different businesses.

Some businesses are seeing total cessation of activities while some are being managed from home. But what every business is doing is looking for new ideas to survive. 

What is keeping your business afloat? 

Instead of cursing the pandemic, let’s take this situation as an opportunity to give your business a boost. With plenty of time in hand during lockdown, digital media is where everyone will be.

This is all the reason why you must focus on digital marketing to support your business during these difficult times.

A digital marketing agency in Nigeria will help you take advantage of this situation in the best possible manner. Well, take a look at these digital marketing ideas that you must consider during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Connect With Your Customers on Social Media

People are using their social media accounts more than ever during these hard times. We all are staying inside our homes to stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There is no certainty about what is going on, and during this time, social media plays a significant role in people’s life. We can neither go out to eat at our favorite restaurants nor meet our friends.

The only way you can engage with people is through social media. Well, we are social animals, nobody can take that away from us. We do find ways and social media is one that keeps us busy during the quarantine. 

2. Improve Your Online Presence

More and more people are now using the internet during this pandemic. People are actually glued to their phones and computer screens.

That is why this is precisely the perfect time for you to improve your online presence. Use SEO strategies to get on top of Google’s search engine result pages.

This way it becomes easier for your business to be found. So, this is not the time to hide in a shell, come out, and work on your SEO strategies.

3. Use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

It is a great opportunity for your business to use PPC marketing. As more people are using their phones, PPC advertising can help you connect with your potential customers.

PPC ads will help you grab their attention and give you an advantage over your competitors. This is not a time to be complacent, be proactive and utilize these times brushing up your marketing strategies. 

4. Opportunity For a Special Offer

This uncertain time period has provided you with an opportunity to show support to your customers. You can do this by offering special offers and discounts that will keep your revenue flowing.

But first, you need to understand the product-market fit and then create the offer accordingly.

This is a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers while maintaining a cash-flow. Great, right? You can use PPC and social media to advertise your special offers.

4. Pay Attention to Local SEO 

People are staying at home as much as possible and are avoiding any travel. They are looking for services and supplies that are closer to their homes. So, it becomes important for you to use local SEO strategies.

This will help you in optimizing your website for local searches or “near me” searches. As people are looking for more convenience, improving local SEO can help your business.

This will let you provide more assistance to people during this coronavirus pandemic.

You need to ensure that your website is keeping up with the changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

It is important for your business to stay ahead of your competitors. And this makes local SEO even more important in order to engage with the local customers.

5. Adjust to Meet The Needs of Customers

Your business must be fluid and ready to modify operations according to the situation. Improvisation is key during this pandemic.

With so much uncertainty around, you must be ready to adjust to meet the needs of your customers.

For example – if you own a fitness center or gym that is now closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can make videos of exercise routines for your clients and keep them engaged.

Most business owners worry that they may lose their clients during this time, well they surely could but if you try and adapt to the situation you may not only be able to retain your clients but also get new ones.

Similarly, other businesses can modify their operations according to the needs of customers.

6. Do Not React Out of Panic

You must have seen people buying too many grocery items, especially toilet papers out of sheer panic when the first news of the coronavirus outbreak came.

The pandemonium let people go out on a shopping spree stocking their homes with bags full of sanitizers, tissues, and toilet papers. But you must never react this way when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies for your business.

Knee-jerk reactions don’t usually give a good result in digital marketing. You must always use metrics and analyze the data about your business before making any decision. This is especially true when there is a sudden shift in the economy.

Finish Your Digital to-do List

This is the best time to address the marketing items that you may have overlooked previously.

Now that you are not commuting to your office or having meetings in-person, you must be having some free time on your hand.

So, maybe now you can take upon those unaddressed things. You can give your website a fresh design, or you can do a CRO and SEO audit of your website. This will also help you in maximizing your optimization strategy.

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