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8 Excellent Substance Substantial Sites for Motivation

8 Excellent Substance Substantial Sites for Motivation

You will be surprised to know the number of people searching daily for motivation tips for their everyday lives.

Motivation is something we all need in our lives. You second all day striving to finish your daily tasks at work or even at home if you are motivated to do it you will see the result at the end of the day.

People usually search for motivational tips either to use it on others or themselves. Everyone needs to practice motivation like it’s a muscle, practice to keep it strong.

Now that we all know how motivation keeps us going did you know that there are website designs that have proven as great motivation to many people? These websites have also been awarded as the best website of the year.

Having a bank of website inspirations is a great asset to the business. For every web designer, it’s a goal to get the best motivational web design for the brand.

It not only makes your brand shine like a star but also gets the most hits. Think of your homepage as the spotlight giving the ‘wow -factor’ to the brand and customers quickly loading to the second page.

Here are some excellent substance sites that have been highlighted as the best websites for motivation.

1. Drop Box

I have selected Drop Box because it has an excellent design strategy. The main page speaks for the brand. It sets a great marketing strategy.

The company’s homepage reflects the brand web design so much that it is transparent to the viewers.

The web designer understands the brand and its target audience. The design is done in a way that the message gets delivered to the audience and they stay engaged to the web page.

2. Slack

my second recommendation is slack. The homepage of Slack is unique with a custom graphic. The homepage is simple yet unique.

Their tag line is much prominent on the main page that highlights their organization’s vision in the audience. The brand builds trust in the tagline in the viewers’ minds.

3. CSS Nectar

CSS inspirational web sites are my recommendation because of its attractive home page design. The web design, tagline, and colors are selected very carefully which reflects the company and its objective.

Once you indulge in the web page you do not want to switch to another account. The web designer has topped the goal of keeping the audience engaged.

4. Green mountain energy

another great example of substance substantial sites for motivation is the green mountain energy website.

The home page says it’s all, once you open the site you will see how the web designer has covered the objective of the business. The main idea is delivered on the homepage.

5. ThredUp

Ecommerce homepage design is the trickiest. With so many competitors in the market doing the same thing with almost all the same brands. The home page of ThredUp shows the seasonal approach and highlights its flagship store.

6. Feed

Feed, not only does this website has an interesting concept but also has a stunning execution of displays the clear image of what the web site has for you. The web designer used a creative blend of image display and video to attract the audience and keep them engaged to the website.

7. ETQ

ETQ is another e-commerce website that uses its minimalist approach to attract its target audience. With simple yet elegant web design it displays its product and the main purpose and trust to the audience’s minds.

8. Web design Atlanta

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If you wish to choose the best for your business then you can see the past web designs that they have created for the local companies.

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