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Are Comments Backlinks Still Good For SEO

Are Comments Backlinks Still Good For SEO

I will not immediately answer about whether a good comment backlink for SEO. Because, in practice implementing a backlinking strategy, there are so many assumptions that even contradict each other. Including the matter of blog comment backlinks.

Is this still good and relevant for SEO? Let’s see.

Out there, some argue comment backlinks have not contributed to improving SEO. On the other hand, some claim it still gives a pretty good juice link.

On other posts of this site, visitors also ask, related to the benefits of comment backlinks.

Shhh .. Personally, secretly, I still like to stick backlinks through comments. Hohoho …

But is the comment backlink still relevant? Before writing this post, I visited 2 sites that talked the most about SEO. And certainly very influential in understanding the world of SEO.

Comment Backlink According To Experts

From the search results on the world-class SEO Expert site, I even got a tutorial about building backlinks through blog comments. Well.

First, the bald site is Neil Patel.

From the results of a case study that he had done, Neil concluded that the backlink comments still contributed greatly to SEO. See here

The following conclusions.

Blog comments have an effect on website ranking. However, it must be seen from the source where the backlink is placed. Ie, it should focus on blogs that have DoFollow comments and of course those that have a high DA (Domain Authority).

Now, in the strategy of building comment backlinks, make sure you leave comments that can provide value. Don’t emphasize anchor text, focus on the quality of comments. That way, you avoid indications of spammers.

Posting a spammy link will only cause your comment to be deleted.

Next, try to plant comment backlinks only on content that is relevant to your niche.

And if it means that the blog does not have a domain score, as high as that is fine because it will still give the link juice it’s just not much.

He said.

The point is that every type of backlink sourced from quality sites or content is relevant at the same time, it will still contribute to SEO. Includes a comment backlink.

And conversely, whatever type of backlink is good from the content or comments, if indicated spam will be bad for SEO.

This point is clear that not type. But the nature of the backlink. And SPAM’s actions are not good.

On the site, also gave a similar opinion. On the other hand, it gives a conclusion that, even if the blog comment backlink does not have an impact on SEO, but when done in good ways will increase the exposure of a site.

The term blog walking seems to still be good to use. This is a term about how bloggers, especially in the age of search engine algorithm rules are still loose, visit each other’s blogs and comment. Plus leave a link.

Blog walking is good and right, same as the gathering event. Establish friendship among bloggers.

That’s the picture. Blog commenting activities that also insert a backlink still provide benefits for your business site.

How To Use Blog Comments To Create Valuable Backlinks And Traffic

In this mission of writing content, we have also visited to deepen the science of comment backlinks. Hohoho …

Let’s see, how to build a good comment backlink strategy.

Forget Everything You Have Read So Far

This approach to commenting is not about dofollow, nofollow, using anchor text with keywords, or anything else that you normally read about comment backlinks. Okay … let’s continue …

Finding The Right Blog

When you start the action to find the target to comment, you are looking for blogs with relevant niches (Neil mentioned above). So it’s not just any blog, but a blog that has good traffic and involvement.

So, it doesn’t have to be a high DA blog. But who has a large number of active commentators? Remember … Active!

Once you find a number of good blogs to start with, you don’t rush to vent libido comments. Read and understand the contents of related content. Let the comments really connect.

Throwing quality questions will lure the writer or blog owner to answer. And this is a good way …

If, it’s a site with lots of different authors, check out the author’s bio to see if the author has his own blog. The more you recognize them, the more lively your comments will be.

Try To Be The First

Don’t do it in an annoying way by just commenting “first” or in other words, “extraordinary post.” You want to be first, but only after you read the article and know you have something great to say about it. This is the emphasis for the second time, ho hoo.

Just like the clickthrough rate on Google’s organic search results, the possibility of other commenters clicking on your link, if you are the first time is much higher than if you attend a party after 50 other people have messed up the dining table ho hoo.

Only comment if you have something valuable to add to the discussion

Now in this case, if you don’t have something useful to contribute to comments, don’t try to comment.

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Become A Regular

This is contrary to the strategy of making backlink out there. For where to get many backlinks from many different domains. We’re not here to build a spam comment link, right? Good, then that doesn’t matter.

Make your comments human. If you don’t have Gravatar, you should. Show your face. It keeps your comments alive.

In this way, blog owners and also other people who frequently visit blog comments will begin to recognize you and associate your valuable insights with your personal brand. Amazing …

Don’t stop with your comments. Take the extra step to really get the attention of the blog owner.

In this way, you will get appreciation from blog owners and post writers.


So now you can make your own conclusions as well as answer the question Are Good Backlink Comments For SEO? Our FYI provides backlink services to improve your site’s ranking. If interested see some of our quality backlink service options.

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