Complete Troubleshooting Guide On AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Complete Troubleshooting Guide On AOL Desktop Gold Problems

AOL Desktop Gold Problems stop you from continuing to work on the software.

If you are also one of them facing problems with your AOL desktop Gold Software, Let’s start fixing these problems one by one!!

Before fixing them, we need to identify which problem we are facing.

  • Most Encountered AOL Desktop Gold Problems
  • Can’t access AOL Desktop Gold login
  • Missing AOL Gold Icon from desktop

Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold due to 104 error

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Follow the detailed step-by-step to solve all these problems one by one.

Problem 1: Can’t access AOL Desktop Gold login

AOL Gold Desktop login error is a hurdle on the path of accessing Desktop Gold mails and its features.

Put another way:

Login issue in Desktop Gold appears right on the login screen after you type the password and hit the ENTER button.

But- Why is this AOL Login error pop-up?

There can be several reasons that cause the AOL sign-in error window to trigger. Here are a few of them:

Wrong username or password typed in the AOL login screen.

Misspelled passwords, extra spaces in username or AOL login password, and missing characters can also trouble you with AOL login.

Besides this, if you have recently changed the AOL password, then; old password saved in the system cache can also cause login trouble.

Because Desktop Gold will keep using the same old password for verification unless you inform it.

Other than this, if AOL Gold fails to update completely, the program files will lose communication with each other. As a result, you will get your first error when trying to log in to AOL.

No space in RAM or poor Internet connection can also display the Desktop Gold problem concerning LOGIN.


Here are the solutions that we recommend to fix the login AOL Desktop Gold problems:

Open a Command prompt in Windows or Terminal window in Mac to clear DNS cache with command:


This action will clear all the corrupt files (if present); that might be causing the AOL Gold error to pop up.

In case the log in issue in the Desktop Gold window still appears then, Go to Control Panel from Start>>>> tap on System Security option>>>> System protection >>>>> press System Restore button.

You must update the Gold program for persisting login concerns in AOL Desktop. Visit the AOL Desktop Gold update page for instant download and upgrade.

However, refer to Login AOL Desktop Gold instructions if this login Desktop Gold bug is too rigid to remove.

Problem 2: Missing AOL Gold Icon from Desktop

Even after successful download and installation, users cannot locate the AOL desktop gold icon on their system. 

AOL desktop gold icon missing means the Desktop Gold shortcut disappeared with no error message on-screen.

It would help if you first tried to come up with the following practices:


Go to the system tray at the bottom-right corner and expand the area by tapping on the pointed arrow. If you cannot find the AOL icon in the tray- go to Step 2.

Open the Start menu from the windows button in Taskbar and check the START MENU. If you find the AOL Gold software logo in the area, right-click on it to choose ‘Create a shortcut.’

However, if the icon is not accessible from the Start menu then, your step to create one lies below:

– Open the primary drive of your Computer and navigate to the folder where all the programs are installed.

In most of the devices, the route to destination folder is:

C:// drive>>>>>> Program Files>>>>> AOL.

– After you enter the AOL Desktop folder, scroll down to locate the AOL icon. You may search for the AOL option that has a logo in front.

– Once found, you must right-click on the Desktop Gold icon and choose the ‘Create a desktop shortcut’ option. 

With that, you will surely get the AOL icon on the desktop. And, for more related help to get rid of the invisible AOL icon, check out your Missing AOL Gold icon: The Definitive Guide.

Problem 3: AOL Desktop Gold 104 Error

When an AOL Desktop Gold Download or install window crashes, error 104.

Sometimes, the error 104 displays after the program crash, while in other cases- it does not!

Whatever- is your situation, the following scenarios will help you find- that its AOL Gold 104 problem:

1: While you download AOL Gold if the window suddenly crashes and disappears, it’s most likely error 104.

2: If your device slows down and Desktop Gold download is taking forever to download, then, again, you may call it an invisible AOL 104 culprit.

3: When your system stops responding as soon as the AOL Gold download begins, it is again one more sign of Desktop Gold error 104.


And, to help you get out of this AOL Gold complication, here’re our tried and proven solutions:

Upgrade your device to Windows 7, 8, or 10. Try to use a processor with more than 266 MHz speed and upgrade the .NET framework to at least the 4.5.2 version.

Once your device passes the system compatibility check, scan your hard drive and remove all the infected files.

Because most of the time, it’s the corrupt software and its files, which stop other programs from downloading, installing, or running smoothly.

Any recent partial system update can also stop you from AOL Guide Gold. So, if it’s not long back-when, you upgraded the device, go for System restore.

Can’t understand even a single solution?

Do you need a more detailed version of these troubleshooting steps? OR Do you want more advanced fixes for this AOL problem?

Then, see the instructions for AOL Desktop Gold download error 104.

Some Problems Which Not Described Here

Sometimes your AOL desktop gold software has other problems that stop you from working on Aol software. I suggest you help AOL experts with any AOL Desktop Gold Problems.