5 Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

5 Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Making money on your blog requires a strategic approach. Learn five effective ways that will lead you to monetization.

Everything you need is possible to find on the Internet today. People prefer spending time on the Web searching for the needed data or material rather than the other ways. The Internet is an easy and efficient way to access information. That is why bloggers have appeared.

Have you ever noticed how successful bloggers knock your socks off with the sums of money they earn? You probably want to be like them. Blogging is usually perceived as something easy.

You write about what you are keen on. However, everything is challenging. Everyone can try blogging, but not everyone can succeed and make money.

It often takes years to have enough website traffic to monetize with online courses, sell digital goods, affiliate programs, podcasting, or Google AdSense. It should not be so. If the money comes in, you listen to good advice.


They say that strategy without tactics is a slow way to victory, and tactics without strategy are just vanity before defeat. Therefore, your blog must have a strategy and tactics. Yes, this is not advice; this is an obligatory thing!

Stop perceiving blogging as pleasant leisure that brings money. The most common types of bloggers are:

  • a hobbyist (finds it fun to blog and does not search for income, blogs only at times when it is inspired);
  • a part-time professional (writes to supplement the main income);
  • a full-time professional (blogging is a full-time job);
  • a corporate (writes part-time or full-time for a company);
  • an entrepreneur (writes for an organization they own).

Start thinking like a CEO and develop strategies and tactics to scale your blog as a start-up, not just leisure.

Before creating a blog, you should develop a certain strategy regarding the topic, genre, frequency of publications, etc. Forget about the dream of passive income if only you are exchanging crypto with ICO holders.

You need to provide creative and outstanding content to keep your audience curious. It should be striving for new material.


It is your readers who make you money. They click on your blog and decide if the material is worth their attention. That is why you should always put their interests first, respect their time and provide quality content that makes them curious.

Not by the blog alone

Even though it may sound strange, devoting all your time to writing only is not a good idea. Building relationships (such as relations with other bloggers who will route traffic to your piece of writing, affiliate partners, and sponsors) is crucial. Devote some time to other blogs and forums to generate relationships and keep track.

Also, it would help if you explored the effective ways to make money on your blog, but remember an important thing.

Be open to experiments.

You may develop your own methods that work with your readers; do not be afraid to apply them!

Explore the Ways Leading to Your Aim

Making money from blogging is a crafty thing. Get acquainted with five efficient ways to reach the desired monetization.


Affiliate marketing can serve you beneficially. Find an advertiser with a product he needs to sell. Discuss the commission he will give you from every sale if the client comes from your resource.

The advertiser will give you a unique link with your affiliate code. It will be necessary to include this link on your site (via the banners or directly in the content).

You will receive a percentage from each click + purchase.

Digital and Physical Goods

It is possible to sell various digital goods on your site, such as:

  • workshops and online courses;
  • applications, themes, and plugins;
  • eBooks;
  • images and videos others can use for their content etc.

Ensure that you understand your audience's needs, and only then create the corresponding digital material.

Besides, you can sell physical goods. Use your blog as a tool that will carry your customers to your marketing site. Hand-made, manufactured goods, books, and the endless list of other products are up to your imagination.

CPC or CPM Ads

Placing an advertisement on your site is also a solution.

Cost-per-click ads are banners you can place in your sidebar or content. You will be monetized for every click on these banners.

Cost per 1,000 impressions is the other type of ad. Again, you will receive a fixed sum of money depending on how many people view your advertisement.

Private Advertisements

Not only networks will help you with making money from ads. Advertisers will contact you directly and ask for cooperation if you have reached certain traffic. Of course, it is also possible to contact them yourself.

Personal advertisements are sold in the guise of buttons, links, and banners. You will also get paid for sponsored posts (writing about the goods or services or reviewing them).


Offer paid memberships to only parts of your site. Set a fixed price once a month for the readers so you will be able to reach those parts.

The main thing here is to make those paid parts more valuable than other places with the same free topics.

Rounding up

In conclusion, you should firmly understand that making money on your blog is not hard but requires a certain sophisticated effort. Never be afraid to experiment; you will understand which way is the fastest for reaching your aim!

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