How to Turn your Business Idea Into reality in 5 Easy Steps

How to Turn your Business Idea Into reality in 5 Easy Steps

"Strongly believe in your idea and work till it becomes a reality."

Before discussing anything with you guys, first of all, ask yourself. "

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? And what does it cost you? An entrepreneur is in charge of looking for leadership, as the word entrepreneur sounded attractive to all of us. For instance, people used to refer to bill gates.

So, here we are on the same page. Shall we start? You can better understand these five easy steps with the example of Ketty's online travel business models. Start a business concerning this.

These five simple steps would revolutionize your business idea from $0 to the sky is your limit. In

20th centuries of competition follow them strictly:


Market research: help you get an idea for online business

Cost: $0

While considering the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur, your first and foremost steps are easy to go on the same track. This is an unusual step because it enrolls the whole life history into the business world. So choose a wise business idea that not only matches your personal as well as professional interests intimately.


The biggest challenge is how I can fix my selection process.


You need to understand the market structure, demand and supply concept, and the gap which can turn into a business idea, economic growth, and finally, reality. Online market research tools:

  • Google trend :
  • The best source to analyze the global market as per keyword search.
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • Business forums/ venture capital
  • Join a business startup, close groups
  • Google webmaster -Keyword planner tool
  • Daily Business newspaper and others

Although all the above tools for market research are necessary, we strongly recommend you follow Google Trend and Webmaster keyword planner tools in your step for online business idea Keywords. Accordingly, book your domain name for economic development. Finally, become

business owners.

For instance:


Ketty (Pseudonym) is looking to start up an online travel agency. So, she needs to search for high-traffic and low-competition target keywords per the geographical location, assuming the risk. Entrepreneurs' face is used to keep calm and smiling.

As you know, 4p's of marketing:

  • Product – Tour package
  • Price – Competitive price
  • Place – Destinations
  • Promotion – Online


Turned your online business idea into a niche

Cost $0- $?


As you surpassed step 1: Congratulation! For your business idea.

Three core values of a business idea:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objective 

Because these values help you to stick with your plan and follow it.

Now! Whatever you decide, keep moving on the same track and have strong faith. Ketty has targeted business keywords or related phrases, Travel, Tour Packages, Holidays Package, and others. As similar as you also have the same list. Expand your business ventures with collaboration.

Search for the competitive market :

  • Put these keywords one by one in the Google search engine
  • Enlist the website URLs 
  • Analyze the top 10 -20 results for targeted keyword

For Instance: 

Ketty is also searching for an online travel agency, and the individual competitive market results are:

  • Thomas Cook
  • Tui Travel
  • Cox & Kings, and so on.

Once you enlist a competitive website, take ample time to analyze either based on a user interface (UI), SEO content, Website design and development, online traffic-driven strategies, online reputation management, price penetration, or apart from this.

As long as you find the gap in the competitor's website. This "gap" must be covered and also responsible for turning your business idea into a "Niche" (Uniquely differentiated from the existing competitive market). With your creativity and efforts, you guys try hard, and if you fail, do you need to invest a little bit of $0 -$? To differentiate your website from competitors.

Being a rising competitor, You need to pitch this gap as your USPs (unique selling propositions) for the following reasons:

  • Market segmentation
  • Product positioning
  • Price penetration
  • Help to improve Impulse buyer

Say, for example:


Kitty's online travel website also has differentiation on the basis above mentioned reasons:


Design and market your digital signature

Cost: $10-100

Your digital identification, including website & logo design, social media pages, and content management (Title, taglines, product description, reviews), are the features for online brand management.

As you know, online reputation is the golden key to sustainable customer relationship management. Also, keep credit cards as an emergency fund. As a successful entrepreneur always ready to take financial risks. One day

entrepreneurs create a successful business from the start of a small business.

In step 2, you already find USPs. It is now easier to implement theoretical aspects into a practical one. With the support of your technical skills or hire someone who can fit your budget and expectations. While designing and developing an online business website, always treat yourself as an end-user.

So, Meanwhile, you can have an experience and do further rectifications before going online. You are preparing your website on localhost because it is similar to a real-time online website and takes precautions to follow SEO-on-page activities. Such as:

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • HTML Tags (H1 tags/Alt. tags)
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Internal links and external links
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Optimization

This is the most crucial step where you can maintain quality service delivery.


Therefore, thorough analysis of whole business ideas. On the basis company's vision, mission, and objective, if you find any of them underscore, immediately work on it and improvise.  

For Instance

Ketty also gets ready with all final digital design and identification, content for travel destinations, and detailed acknowledgment about the flight booking, hotel booking, pickup & drop, and complete itinerary preparation, and finally comes up with a tourist feedback channel.


Launch your online business website.

Cost: $15-$30

As you know, every online business website has a unique domain name and hosting panel. Similarly, you need to purchase a domain and hosting from any of the online available web hosting companies.

Such as Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, and many others. You purchase a domain and hosting at negotiable rates as soon as possible.

We mention negotiable rates because you can save money; sometimes, free discount coupons are also available, and you claim them. Eventually, help you to manage the business investment.

In step 3, you already summarize the localhost website's business plan. So far, The time is ticking down to being available online. You can transfer your website from localhost to the online server with technical team support and guidance.

Now! Your business idea is turned into reality. Anybody can access your website to find the best available products and services. 


Conversion of online traffic into revenue

Cost: $20-$?

Heartily! Congratulations, You are closer enough to making online money.

By Implementing a digital marketing strategy for driving online visitors to your website. So you can monetize it. There are two possible routes to drive traffic to the website: free SEO & SMO activities or paid activities. 

Organic traffic activities:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Off-Page activities)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO activities)


Inorganic traffic by paid activities:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM including Google ads, Facebook Ads, and Linkedin Ads)
  • Affiliated Marketing

The sum of the total, these five unique steps are the first choice, and you need to understand how you can win a competitive market advantage by following them.

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