Dynamics 365 Benefits that Makes it a Must Have Business Solution

Dynamics 365 Benefits that Makes it a Must Have Business Solution

It is almost unreal to not have any ERP and CRM solution, with a running business, in today’s digital era.

Thus, when we consider the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we are asking the users to switch to the new solution or upgrade to it.

This may seem like an act of inconvenience to most clients. However, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits prove to be irresistible as well as utilitarian to the user companies. Here we will look at those benefits in details.

Dynamics 365 benefits that makes it a must have business solution suit:

1.You get insights that are powered by Inside View:

one of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 advantages that the sales team of a user company can benefit from is its Insight tool.

The impact can be felt immediately as the powerful tool is added to the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement environment.

The Insight tool contains and provides real-time data on millions of companies and millions of contacts around the world.

All this data is constantly updated from thousands of financial and social media sources which, again, are validated by MTV data science technology. Thus, you have the most thorough and accurate information.

The following are the key features of InsideView:

1.Insights: Information about latest business trends and, company news and social updates.
2.Research: Comprehensible reports about companies that provide you with all the information you need on the industry, competitors and finance.
3.Contacts: Helps you to identify prospects and effectively connect with them. Also lets you gather background information.
4.Demographic data: You can view email, phone numbers, personal information and other demographic data.
5.Discovery centre: Allows you to gather information about companies that may not be a part of your Dynamics 365 environment.
6.List builder: With the right tools you can identify executives or companies, based on a set of search criteria. You can also make a watch list that you want to track.

2. You can access Self-service portals:

Another Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefit is that you can create and launch your own support, customer or prospect portal which is entirely housed, maintained and integrated with the Dynamics 365 instance of your organization.

Your business is bound to face challenges in terms of array of growth, operational efficiency objectives and customer service.

Some of these challenges include raising customer engagement and satisfaction, scaling service capabilities, and optimizing customer service. Dynamics 365 offers you the benefits of website portal that helps you to tackle all these requirements.

Another advantage of the system is that you do not require any developers as it comes with a familiar and easy-to-use interface where you can build a portal with a customer application builder. This will definitely bring your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data to life.

3. Hear the voice of your customers through surveys:

Out of the box survey tools and Voice of the Customer are one of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits that empower the employees of an organization to create, distribute, and analyze surveys.

If you want to supplement marketing material, and track customer responses or send the surveys out with the call center, then these tools can benefit you to a great extent.

With Voice of the Customer tool, you can send surveys out to gather feedback from your customers about your product or services. Respondents can access these surveys and complete them from their phones, tablets or computers.

4. Social engagement:

In today’s world, social media plays a crucial role in the development and growth of a business. This is because, people spend a considerable time on the social media, viewing, sharing and looking. When you aim for your company to engage users in the social media, you look at the following prospects:

• Sales teams of the organization can gather new leads and implement social selling.
• Marketers can track and measure brand reputation.
• Representatives from the customer service team can create cases from the posts itself.

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 advantages, it includes the right social engagement tools. The employees of an organization can utilize the best of social networks and connect to their customers on social media.

They can also learn about the customer feedback, latest trends and what they are saying about the organization in their comments. Thus, you stay up-to-date and caught up thoroughly.

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