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Eco-Friendly Shipping Options to Implement

Eco-Friendly Shipping Options to Implement

The pandemic saw the rise of online shopping, showing just how much potential there is in shipping goods.

With a rise in shipping packages also came a rise in the number of waste materials from the packaging. Here are some ways you can ensure your shipping options are eco-friendly in 2022.

Switch To Ground-based Shipping

If you are very keen on the carbon emissions that occur when you ship your products, you might want to get ground-based shipping. It might mean your clients wait for longer, but most will be glad to do so if they know they impact the environment.

Get a container trucking company that shares similar sentiments to you. That way, you get a company that you can rely on, and your clients get their products in good time. You can rest easy knowing that none of your shipping leads to a lot of carbon emissions that are dangerous to the environment.

Reduce the Packaging

The one thing that creates a lot of waste has got to be the packaging you use on your products. Sometimes you might just be looking for a way to ensure your package stays safe.

If you are not keen, you might end up using a lot o packaging that ends up in landfills. The best thing to do is only use the necessary packaging.

Do not get tempted to stuff your packages with extra weight that will all be thrown out. Find ways to secure your goods while using minimal packaging.

Get Eco-friendly Packaging Options

The other thing that would help is if you got eco-friendly packages. You could choose to either go with compostable or recyclable packaging.

While these two look similar, they mean different things. Compostable means it is biodegradable. Even when thrown away, it will turn to compost without leaving behind residue. It is mostly made from plant-based materials.

Recyclable means the packaging you got can be reused repeatedly. You can use this if the goods you are shipping have to be wrapped in plastic.

That way, you give the plastic another life, and it can be used a couple of times before they get thrown. Most recyclable materials are made from recyclable material, which means the package has been used before.

Don’t Repackage Your Products

If you are a reseller, then chances are your products come from a company that has already packed them neatly. The one thing you need to do in this situation is not open the box and replace it in another. Most companies have learned the art of using minimal packaging material.

They still ensure your goods are safe and intact. You can be sure that the goods will get to where they go without an issue. It also cuts down on the money you would have spent on packaging materials and the waste that will have come from the entire process.

Give Options or Packaging Material To Be Sent Back

Another thing you can do is give options, or your packaging to be sent back. Since so many people do not know what to do with their package, they often throw it in the trash, which ends up in landfills. Most of these packages are still in good condition and can be reused.

For this reason, you can offer your clients a discount on their next purchase if they mail back your packaging material. You can also organize a drop-off center for the packaging, so you get it all back.

Other than saving the environment, it ensures that you save on the money you would use to buy new packaging material every time you have to ship an order. It is a great initiative if you have clients in your local area since they can get to you.

Running a business means you have many things you need to look at. One of these things is the impact you leave on the environment. Your clients might try to come up with their ways of cutting waste.

At the end of your day, it is your responsibility to ensure your business is operating at almost zero waste. The pointers above will act as a guide for you. They will ensure you save on money and go green in 2022.

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