Edifier TWS NB True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds Review

Edifier TWS NB True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds Review

There exist different types of wireless earbuds with different models. These earbuds have different designs and make.

When in need of an earbud, you need to check on the quality of sound the earbud makes and how comfortable it is.

Presently, earbuds have improved features which include noise-canceling, wireless technology, and improved battery life.

Edifier tws nb earbuds

Are you the type of person who likes listening to audio? Here is good news for you. We are introducing Edifier TWS NB earbuds.

This earbud is truly wireless hence no problem of wire tangling. Edifier TWS NB earbuds have a battery that has long-lasting time. With the active noise canceling feature, you will be able to have clear and immersive sound experience.

1. Design Style

Edifier TWS NB is a true wireless earbud with an active noise cancellation feature. They have an in-ear design. The outer side of the earbud is a company logo that makes it distinct.

The earbuds and the charging case have a matte gold finish which makes it look attractive. The earbuds also have a button at the top which makes it simpler for one to control.

It also has a microphone which will help in noise cancellation. A large LED-light is also at each earbud which shows when charging.

Furthermore, these earbuds have a big round tunnel to give you comfort. The ear tips are made of soft material which is comfortable in your ear canal. This product is available in grey colour.

It is lightweight which makes it suitable for long hour use. The earbuds and the charging case are made with quality material which makes it durable. The charging case is drawn to the company’s name at the top and it is easy to open and close.

When the case is close it stays tight and there is a magnet that will hold them firmly. These earbuds are made to be water resistance hence you can use them while in a workout.

2. Sound performance

These earbuds will give you superior quality sound. They are fitted with 13mm big graphene diaphragms. This helps in delivering a very deep & punchy bass which will allow you to hear every bit.

The earbuds are also fitted with noise-canceling features which will help in canceling out noise. This will allow you to hear just that which is needed. Furthermore, the earbuds give one a comfortable fitting which helps in isolating one from the noise.

Additionally, the earbuds have an ambient sound mode. This will let one hear important information like an announcement that’s made. You can easily control it via the provided button or the Edifier connect application.

With an in-built microphone, one will be able to make clear calls. The earbuds have a frequency response which ranges between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. They also have an impedance of 32-ohms. Furthermore, the earbuds have a sensitivity of 94dB.

3. Comfort Level

These earbuds have soft ear tips that are made using soft materials hence comfortable to your ears. The product comes with more pairs of ear tips which are of different sizes.

The earbuds also come with different pairs of ear wings which allows the earbuds to hold firmly. This will prevent them from falling when you are working out.

The earbuds weigh about 0.57 pounds which makes it lightweight hence you can operate with them for long hours.

The earbuds being wireless, you will have tangle-free experience. The earbuds are scratch-resistant. This will ensure that they remain sleek.

The charging case is made with a fade-resistant aluminium which makes it remain strong and durable.

The earbuds are labelled on which ear it should be used. R for the right ear while L for the left ear.

4. Connectivity

Edifier TWS NB earbuds have wireless connection technology. You will connect them via Bluetooth technology. It is fitted with a Bluetooth version 5.0 adapter.

With QUALCOMM CVC & aptX tech, you will be able to have stable and fast connections. The technology will also reduce the power consumed. The earbuds also have a laser-direct structuring antenna which improves the signal strength.

You will be able to have stable wireless connections within a distance range of 33 feet (10 meters).

5. Battery Life

The product has an in-built battery that has a lifetime of 5 hours with a single charge and the ANC feature ON. When the ANC feature is OFF, you will have a playtime of 11 hours.

These earbuds also come with a charging case that can recharge your earbuds three times. With the charging case, you will have an extra 10 hours playtime when ANC is ON. When the ANC feature is OFF, you will have an additional playtime of 22 hours.

The charging case is recharged via USB type C cable which is included in the package. It takes about 1 hour for the earbuds to be fully charged. The TWS NB earbuds have an indicator that will light red to show low battery.

The red light will turn off when the earbuds are fully charged. The charging case also has a light that will flash when charged. The light turns off when the charging case is fully charged.

6. Ease of use

These earbuds are simple to operate. They have a control button on the top side of the earbud which is intuitive. A single press of the button will either play or pause your music.

When you long-press the right button, you will be able to skip music. When you long-press the left button you will be able to return a song.

Double-tapping the button will allow you to switch in between double-tap ambient sound-mode, noise reduction & regular mode.

The earbuds connect and pair easily with other Bluetooth enabled devices. The charging case port is labeled with letter R and L so that you can put the right earbud in the right port.


  • They give out the best quality sound
  • Have a good battery life
  • The earbuds have laser direct-structuring antenna
  • Has ambient sound mode
  • They have a scratch resistance surface


  • Has no volume control button

What’s inside the box?

  • A pair of Edifier TWS NB earbuds
  • A charging case
  • USB-C cable
  • Three pairs of ear tips
  • Two pairs of ear wings

Wrap Up

Edifier TWS NB earbuds are among the best Noise Canceling earbuds one should think of having. These earbuds will give you stable and stronger signals with the help of laser direct-structuring antennae.

They offer a comfortable fitting hence no pain in your ear. Additionally, Edifier TWS NB earbuds have an LED light indicator that shows you when the power is low.

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