Focused Meditation – The Secret to Unwavering Concentration

Focused Meditation – The Secret to Unwavering Concentration

Meditation has been around for centuries and is a useful tool to connect with your true self.

It is not about becoming a new person but a way to train your mind for developing a new perspective of the world around you.

Almost every religion including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism has a tradition of meditation. The best thing about meditation is it is not just a religion but also a spiritual technique to help you connect with the divine.

Although there are numerous methods to enter a deeper state of consciousness, right from hypnosis to using psychoactive substances nothing can beat the power of meditation.

Including regular meditation in your life relieves headaches, improves immunity, and deal with stress. Do you know there is a specific meditation for concentration techniques to help you develop unwavering focus?

With that said, let us find out about the concept of Focused Meditation.

Focused Meditation – In Brief

As the name suggests, Focused meditation includes focusing on something to remain in the present moment and slow down your inner chatter.

In this type of meditation, you focus on a particular object like sounds, taste, smell, visual, and your breathing.

If you are a beginner to Focused meditation then it might be a bit hard to get a kickstart in this direction. There are a few simple steps that help you develop unwavering concentration.

Firstly, you need to sit in a quiet place where there is no interruption of any kind. Remember to start with small sessions whether you are practising at home or outside. Given below are the six tips to help you practice this meditation for concentration technique.

1. Get Comfortable

If you are sitting on a chair then sit on its edge. Relax your pelvic bones and keep your feet on the floor. However, if you are sitting on the ground then prop yourself with a yoga block or soft cushion to relax your thighs. Do keep your spine completely straight.

2. Choose an Object

You should focus on a particular smell or an image to start the meditation session. Yoga experts recommend you start with focusing on your breath as an entry point to Focused Meditation. In the long run, this meditation for concentration practise helps you develop a solid focus.

3. Relax Your Body

Keep your shoulders loose and breathe from your belly. Cross your legs it is not a necessity if you are already comfortable. In short, relax but do not fall asleep.

4. Pay Attention to the Object of Focus

Focus on the object whether it be visual, auditory, smell, or details about that particular object. The whole idea behind this type of meditation for concentration is simply to experience it without overthinking. In short, you should focus on the present moment and experience all the sensations felt during the practice.

5. Do Not Worry About the Result

If your mind wanders off in the middle of the session then do not fret over and blame yourself for the mistake. Just relax, notice the distraction and get back to the practice. Remember, the goal of this practice is to calm down your chattering mind.

6. Calm The Inner Critic

In case your mind begins to focus on other things during this practice then bring your attention back to the object of focus.


Meditation has helped millions around the world not just find peace and calm in a chaotic world but also dive deeper into their spiritual self.

You should practice this meditation for concentration technique to develop unwavering focus and quiet down the pacing mind.

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