Free Ways - Import Apple Mail To Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Free Ways - Import Apple Mail To Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

A few of such questions are:

"I used to use a Macintosh, but I recently switched to Windows. I need to access all of my user account data through the Windows Outlook program. "Is there an instruction manual method available?"

Here's the second one.

"I was using the Macintosh operating system with the Apple Mail program. I recently began using Windows 10 as a result of a job move. So, is there any technique by which I may move all of my email account information from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 utilization?"

The Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a popular email program for Mac systems with operating systems. 

It has all of the necessary settings for managing a user account and supports the MBOX file format. These files hold all email messages and mailbox elements, such as tasks, calendars, journals, appointments, and files.

Outlook from Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook is an email client software created by the the Microsoft Corporation. 

It is one of the most popular email applications for the Windows operating system. Outlook is also regarded as one of the most user-friendly email clients available.

Easy Method to Import Apple Mail to Outlook

To begin with the process for exporting Apple Mail to Outlook PST. The user must install four email applications, namely Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Eudora. When downloading these email clients, the four processes listed below should be followed. Furthermore, these processes must be followed carefully, as any error could result in information loss. 

  • Open Apple Mail and navigate to File >> Import Mailboxes. 
  • Choose the MBOX file where you want to import data, choose the file in MBOX format, and click Continue. 
  • Browse the directory where you stored the MBOX file, hit on opt for, and then hit on Proceed.
  • Click 'Done' once the process is completed. 

    Eudora is required to finish the import technique because there is no direct feature to import Apple Mail to Outlook. 
  • Download and launch Eudora. 
  • First, rename the file extension of the Inbox form "XYZ" to "XYZ. mix". 
    Move the XYZ. mbx file name to the directory where Eudora saves its files (C: Documents and Settings Application Data \ Qualcomm \ Eudora). 
  • Access Eudora, double-click on xyz.mbx to create the file, and then close Eudora. 
  • Then import the mailbox using Outlook Express. 
  • Import mailboxes from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook. 


1. To begin the manual technique, you must be experienced as an administrator. 
2. A manual approach cannot assure 100% safe conversion. 

Automatically import Apple Mail to Outlook

The previously mentioned Manual process clearly shows that it is fairly long. It requires the installation of various email clients on the user's computer system. 

This can be extremely complex and difficult to manage at times. As a result, users should consider using a third-party solution, such as DataVare Mac MBOX to Outlook Converter, to transfer data from Apple Mail to the Outlook program. 

Steps to Convert MBOX to PST files

  • Download and install the tool on your system
  • Add MBOX files/folder
  • Select destination path to store path
  • Click on the Convert Now Tab to start the conversion Process


In this educational post, we covered the Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook applications, as well as their migration procedures in response to questions from users. 

We also provided a manual technique for migrating from Apple Mail to Outlook software on Windows. 

Then, we presented an automatic technique for converting MBOX files. 


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