How are Emerging Technologies Changing Android App Development?

How are Emerging Technologies Changing Android App Development

Gone are the days when smartphones are used just for connecting people across the world. Thanks to technological advances, mobile phones now act as a personal computer that simplifies daily activities like online purchases, data transfer, online payments, email transactions & more.

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of our lives increasing the demand for iOS and Android App Developers.

Android OS remains the most predominant operating system contributing almost 97% of the total smartphone market.

More and more programmers are building robust Android apps with the help of the latest tech innovations.

Let’s find out how technology is transforming the role of Android app development!

Latest Technologies That Impact the Android App Development in the Market

As compared to iOS devices, Android smartphones are available at affordable prices, which is why the number of Android users is more. Hence, the demand for new Android apps is increasing every year.

However, staying updated with the current technology trends and market demands is needed to meet the increasing expectations of customers. Every Android app development company is struggling to keep itself aware of these trends.

Here are some of the technologies that will transform the face of Android app development-

1. AR/VR

Many Android app developers are embracing technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence & more to build more effective business apps for many organizations.

These apps not only deliver better browsing, gaming & shopping experiences on the Android platform but also help users get enjoyable experiences.

Other technologies like Blockchain can be used to enhance security for facilitating transactions in virtual currency.

2. IoT

Android app development facilitates migration to the Internet of Things (IoT) for developing a wide range of Android apps enabling customers to monitor connected things & track items/vehicles in supply chain management firms.

Using such apps help business owners to get updates & information in real-time helping them take timely actions before the situation worsens.

3. Firebase

Another latest technology trend for android app development is Firebase that offers flexibility to develop high-quality apps working seamlessly on several platforms.

Apps built using Firebase come in handy for analytics as well as Google cloud messaging, also known as Firebase Cloud Messaging.


MEAP, also known as Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is a great advantage for Android app development firms that help in efficiently managing the cross-platform apps.

These not only help developers to deploy & build apps easily but also enable them to develop apps that are consistent across multiple devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, and more.

5. Marketing

Mobile apps are becoming key mobile marketing strategies enabling businesses to build brand value and reach out to more customers across the globe.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of Android smartphone users, businesses can tap the potential of Android apps to witness a tremendous increase in their revenue.

6. Android Instant Apps

Customers today have no time to go through the hectic app store installation process, they want quick and easy access to the mobile apps they are looking for.

Android instant app is the solution where apps deliver the perfect blend of the web app and native mobile app. This help customer to use the app easily that reduces the API size for faster download.

7. Fabric

Google has acquired Fabric that helps to tackle the analytics effectively. The app developer platform of Twitter relies on Google for crash reporting, app analytics & more.

This is useful for the Android app development team as analytics is in demand and it comes easy with the assistance of Fabric.

8. Security

Another top concern for every app development firm is security as more and more hackers are there.

Security standards should be more advanced during app development and this can be done by making developers use multiple layers of security that prevent sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, mobile app development skills are in high demand as multiple businesses follow a mobile-first approach to develop their apps.

While developing Android apps, having a solid knowledge of the Java language and understanding of the object-oriented concept is essential.

Another latest trend for Android app development is to use Android Studio to build apps seamlessly using bug-free code.

Get in touch with the reliable developers of the leading Android App Development Company in San Jose to gain a competitive advantage in your business using a robust Android app aligned with the best technologies.

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