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What Is The Difference Between Facebook Likes, Subscribers & Friends?

What Is The Difference Between Facebook Likes, Subscribers & Friends?

Marketing and advertising on social media has grown enormously in importance in recent years. Facebook, in particular, has taken on the international leadership role in targeting consumers.

Over time, Facebook has developed a number of different forms of interaction that are available to both users and advertisers.

However, this has sometimes led to confusion. In order to find the right instrument for the respective project, a basic understanding of the different effects that are triggered by the individual elements is required.

Here we explain the main differences between likes, subscribers and

Friends on Facebook – the basis of the social network

Having a friend on Facebook means sharing your life in some way. You can become a friend in two ways: Either you send a friend request to someone. If the answer is positive, you are friends. Or they accept someone else’s friend request.

In both cases, from this moment on, all of your friend’s posts will appear in your personal history, along with everything your friend shares. Facebook has been evaluating your friends’ posts for you for some time.

This means that you will prefer to see the articles that are of particular interest to you. In this way, your circle of friends with whom you can exchange will emerge over time.

The Freunde Kreis is less suitable for commercial advertising projects, since all advertising measures would relate to your personal environment and not to a precisely focused and optimized target group that goes beyond your circle of friends.

Facebook likes or subscribers – what’s the difference?

The Facebook Likes reaction medium , in German “I like it”, and the opportunity to become one of the subscribers are particularly important for advertisers in connection with company websites.

If a visitor to your page clicks on the “Like” button, he is indicating that he wants to know more about you. How intensively you can convert this interest into active interaction depends largely on the design of your page.

Your success can be measured in the difference between you and Buy Facebook likes Uk and your subscribers. And this is how it works:

When a visitor to your page clicks on the Like button, he triggers two processes at the same time: On the one hand, he becomes a friend of the page, that is, his fan. On the other hand, he also becomes one of the subscribers.

This makes the difference between the two forms of interaction clear: As a subscriber, all posts on your page automatically appear in the newsfeed, i.e. the subscriber’s chronicle.

If he has made a corresponding setting, he will be informed separately about each new contribution. As a fan of the site, he only remains connected to it.

The page appears in the list of his preferred pages and can be reached directly from there.

The fate of your site decides how many of your fans want to remain subscribers. You have the option to cancel your subscription and still remain a fan.

This happens when your fan continues to have sympathy for you and your offer, but does not find your contributions interesting and therefore no longer wants to see them.

This opens up a proven means of checking the success of a company website. If the site has many likes but relatively few subscribers, there is something wrong with the content.

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