How Much Money Does It Take To Fix Of Water Damaged iPhone?

How Much Money Does It Take To Fix Of Water Damaged iPhone

Are you worried about damages to the iPhone with water or something else? No worry, in this article we will discuss the safety and the solutions to the problem that are facing.

iPhone water damage is more conscious because sometimes it was more costly than the new one. Before going to know the cost of fix iPhone damage, let’s know about it.

In iPhone 4 and 4s, it can be in the charging port.

In iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, and, it can be in the sim tray.

The water damage indicates a white tab that turns red when it was enough to damage your mobile. Apple does not cover it under their warranty and if you want to replace it will be charged with $80 or some different amount in specific cases.

Some common problems may occur after the iPhone falls into the water.

1. It won’t turn on

If your phone is not turn on after the fall in water it has two things, firstly it may b a short circuit. And secondly, water damages some internal part of the mobile.

2. It won’t charge

If your iPhone(Telefoon reparatie veen) was not charging after getting into the water. Then definitely water has damaged its charging port. Because the charging port is the point of water entering and the charging point is exposed to electrical components.

You should completely dry the charging port after getting from water than put it on the charge. It will reduce the chances of damage.

3. It won’t show sim card

If your mobile is not recognized your sim card or says “no sim card”. It means water has damage your sim tray. The best solution to avoid the damage of sim tray from, take out the sim tray from mobile and make complete dry it before use.

4. It won’t sound

If your mobile speaker is not working after fallen your mobile in water. Leave out your mobile for dry. When making the mobile phone turned on, try to back up the data before testing the speakers (Coventry phone repair). Because maybe all circuit will be broken and you lost your entire data

5. Phone getting hot

If your mobile is heating on charging it means water damage the cells of betraying, you need to replace it

There are some common tips regarding damages to water.

  • Turn off your phone immediately.
  • Dry your phone in the first step if it fell in the water.
  • If possible, remove the sim card and betray it.
  • Don’t turn on your phone until it was completely dry.
  • Leave the iPhone on the towel for 24 hours to dry.
  • Remove all the accessories attach to it.
  • Don’t do stupid things like open the mobile with the screw.

In conclusion, we understand from all the above discussion is that the phone is such a sensitive product and it must be dried out before use if it was fell in the water. After the complete dry turn on your mobile, if it was showing some problem then consult with a good repair centre.