How To Appoint A Resident Company Secretary

How To Appoint A Resident Company Secretary

Singapore is one of the richest economies in the world. It has been one of the most stable and active economies for a long period.

Its economy is driven or supported by various companies and associations from different industries. These industries vary from mining, engineering, healthcare, food & beverages, and even architecture.

These businesses have been the foundation and pillar of the economic conditions of Singapore. Without them, Singapore would fail to survive and be competitive.

Singapore is one of the most favourite places for different businesses to start or expand. This is because it has one of the most supportive and relaxed environments when it comes to conducting business.

For example, when it comes to taxes, despite being one of the biggest economies, it still charges one of the lowest tax returns anywhere in the world.

Singapore may have one of the easiest policies from company incorporation Singapore process to operations, however, these policies are strictly implemented.

This is to ensure that there is a maintained organization and level of compliance in the economic sector of Singapore.

There are many different policies when it comes to conducting business in Singapore. From the company incorporation Singapore procedure to the way a business should be conducted, there are comprehensive and detailed rules and regulations.

Aside from the common tax returns policies, one of the things that every Singaporean company should abide by is the presence of a company secretary to Singapore staff.

It recognizes the importance of a company secretary Singapore staff to the success of the company. They see a company secretary as a vital part of the operations of a company.

That is why there are laid out rules and regulations when it comes to hiring a company secretary for Singapore staff. To know more let us talk about the things that we should know about hiring a company secretary.


A company secretary Singapore personnel should be someone that is of legal age.

Aside from this, they must have the right qualifications and experience to be able to fulfil the role of a company secretary Singapore staff.

For example, they must have gone to school and been immersed in administrative things.

This is one of the things to make sure that your company secretary is competent enough to fulfil such a task.

Another qualification is that a company secretary should be a Singaporean resident. they should be a citizen, permanent resident, or an EntrePass holder. A secretary should also be hired within six months after the company incorporation Singapore procedure.

This is to ensure that there would be someone to take care of the various tasks and responsibilities the company secretary should do.

However, it is more advisable to hire a company secretary even before the company incorporation Singapore process is done. This is for them to be able to get familiar with the company processes and systems immediately.

Roles and Duties of a company secretary in Singapore


One of the first things that a company secretary Singapore staff fulfils is the requirement of the law. As mentioned above, it is required within six months after the company and corporation Singapore procedure.

This is the only time span that the Singaporean government gives to every company to fulfil this role. Hiring a company secretary for Singapore staff immediately ensures that there would be no future complications or problems.

The company secretary also helps the company to comply with some other laws and regulations that have to be met. They keep track of the progress and other important jobs that are happening within the bounds of the company.

This is why it is more advantageous to hire a company secretary even before the company incorporation Singapore procedure is done.

Schedule meetings

Of the most vital roles that a company secretary fulfils is scheduling meetings. Meetings may sound easy but when it comes to big corporations, scheduling these things is harder than it seems.

A company is composed of various individuals that have different busy schedules. Making them meet in one scheduled meeting is a daunting task.

However, a meeting like the general annual meeting is a required one by the Singaporean government. This is usually held every year or every 12 months depending on the company.

The corporation has eighteen months after the company incorporation Singapore procedure to conduct this meeting. After that, it should be held every 12 months or annually.

This is required because Singapore asks these corporations to submit a report after the meeting. The report consists of the progress and other important details about the company's operations.

Keeping track of important documents

In general, a company secretary in Singapore staff should be able to deal with every important document related to the operations. They are the ones who keep track of these documents and make sure that they are available anytime they are needed.

Know more

There are many available company secretaries in Singapore, however, not all are as competent as the others. WLP Group can provide you with staff and personnel that are highly trained and skilled enough to fulfil these duties.

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