How You Can Find A Job During The COVID-19 Crisis

How You Can Find A Job During The COVID-19 Crisis

It is always said, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

But what to do when the world is grappling with an unprecedented crisis caused by the Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid19), which is hovering over individual countries and troubled economies?

As of April 04, 2020, the USA reported that a total of 7 million people have lost jobs while over 10 million people have already filed unemployment claims.

So far, Indian jobs are relatively safe due to government directives but the once-open market layoffs may be the new norm for the Indian job industry and will be a common story around the world.

This is the time to be smart, active and victorious in the field of career. How to balance the question? Let’s talk about how to get our boat out of the turbulent economy waters, and in more detail.

1. Mental Preparation: 

Even though we accept that the virus control method is impossible and it will affect the job market, economy or individuals, but if you understand what is changing then you can manage better results and you can be in the right order. You can do this by working on the following:

  • Create effective short term plans and be more creative than a scientist
  • Use this time to hone your skills
  • Update and enhance your resume, LinkedIn profile etc.
  • Prepare for interviews in a virtual setup

2. Make effective and innovative short term plans: 

Identify your top skills and find opportunities to use them and leverage your career in various capacities. Use your current skills for a variety of roles.

For example, suppose you were the project manager for a project-based company, which bears the burden of planning and execution experience. Use that execution for a hospital expansion project that may yet require such a planner. Tap current roles that suit your skills, even if they are not of the same industry.

Turn your hobbies and talents into short-term business or short-term jobs. No one is afraid to listen when you apply. Stay positive Stay strong!

3. Increase your resume, LinkedIn:

A resume is not just a document. It is your image before you appear in front of the board. Resume writing is both an art and a science and the right amount of mixing of everything gives the best and desired results.

We here at ensure that we deliver world class resumes that are written keeping in mind not only the ATS (bot) but also your potential hiring manager. Your resume should be close to the skills of the job you are applying for.

Update your LinkedIn, Naukri profile, cover letter, etc. We are offering good discounts on a complete package, you are just a click away from a professional resume.

4. Prepare for a virtual job interview:

Social distancing is a norm today and most companies are moving towards virtual job interviews.

It is time that we accept that most companies do not have a remote hiring and on boarding process and thus you will need patience as a candidate because companies are still trying to adjust to new circumstances.

Once the situation is under control and things are back on track, all the companies will soon start their recruitment process. Until then focus on your short term goals as discussed above.

India is a country of budding entrepreneurs, innovators and industrialists, so adopt perseverance and tenacity to consider your employment options during this uncertain time.

One way to help yourself during this time is to ensure that your resume is the best on industry standards and can begin with a free resume review. Submit today!

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