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iPhone Repair in Mumbai: Battery and Screen Replacement

iPhone Repair in Mumbai: Battery and Screen Replacement

It is not a rare sight to see people dropping their iPhone on the floor or concrete pavement. And as a result, their device screen gets cracked. A dying battery is another common issue that you might experience as a user of the iPhone.

The good part is these two issues can be solved easily. You just have to find a reliable service centre for iPhone repair in Mumbai.

Its repair technicians have the tools and expertise to replace the broken screen and the dead battery within a couple of hours, hence, restoring your device to its pre-damaged original condition.

Cracked iPhone Screen

Do not be angry with yourself when you drop your iPhone on the ground. You are not the only one from whose hand the device slipped while taking pictures or while calling someone.

Extra careful users, too, have encountered the problem of the cracked screen because of the drop impact. Some ignore the cracks and continue using the phone, while some become upset and anxious, seeing the broken screen.

You should not belong to both groups. It is best to be part of the group that chooses the option of iPhone screen replacement. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The cracked screen can injure your finger while you are swiping left or right on the screen.
  • The cracks allow dust to enter inside the iPhone, which can further damage other parts of your device.
  • The touch screen will not work as usual.
  • You can no longer enjoy using your iPhone. Using it for reading an article or watching a movie can cause eyestrain.
  • And, anxiety, being upset and freaking out will not solve the problem.

Dying Battery

After almost 18 months of using your iPhone, you should be prepared to encounter battery-related issues. As the lithium-ion battery used by Apple is a consumable item, it has a limited lifespan.

When it is nearing its end, you will experience problems such as: the battery draining faster than usual, frequent charging, and not charging at all. Your iPhone performance slows down as well.

Battery replacement is the only solution available to fix the dying battery problem. An experienced technician at a well-known service centre for iPhone repair in Mumbai can do this job in less than an hour.

Why Seek Repair Technicians Help?

You will find plenty of online tutorials – both in videos and text formats – that shows how you can replace the iPhone battery and screen yourself. They make it look like it is an easy job.

Well, it is not easy to disassemble, install, and assemble the Apple device. Due to a lack of experience and training, you might mess up and further damage your precious device.

Also, for iPhone screen and battery replacement, you need special tools and genuine parts. You might not have them.

So, is best to trust experienced and well-trained repair technicians. They have the expertise that is needed to do a top-quality iPhone repair job.

Where to go for iPhone Screen and Battery Replacement? 

Mumbai is India’s largest city, and you might not find a safe centre for iPhone repair in your area. In case, there is none near your house or office, look for a reputable centre that offers the benefit of the pickup and drop-off service.

Such a centre will send someone to your preferred location to pick up your iPhone. Its repair technicians will replace the damaged part at the centre and then the person will return to give you the fixed device.

You, however, have to ensure it only uses a genuine Apple battery/screen.

Before handing over your iPhone to the centre for repair, make sure to ask these questions to it:

  • How do you replace the cracked screen/dead battery?
  • Do trained and experienced technicians handle the replacement job?
  • How long do you take to replace the battery/screen?
  • What much does screen replacement/battery replacement cost?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your iPhone repairs?


Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has a significant number of third-party repair centres.

As Apple’s limited warranty does not cover accidental damages such as broken screens or damage caused due to wear and tear, for example, the old battery, you can always book an appointment with a third-party centre for iPhone repair in Mumbai.

You, however, have to make sure that it is reliable, offers the safest repair services, uses genuine Apple parts, and does not overcharges.

Once the dead battery or broken screen gets replaced, your iPhone will again perform at its original best level.

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