Is Your Employee Spying On Your Organization

Is Your Employee Spying On Your Organization

Survival of the fittest is one old gold saying, but is applicable in all ages. We are living in a competitive world. Look around, and you will see everyone is in a race. Race of high grades, getting into top universities, getting a high pay job.

Marketing, Bankruptcy, profit, loss are the most used terms of the current world scenario. Talking about the current perspective, the economy is in the most fragile state.

Surviving all this and maintaining a firm position is the dream goal of every business person in the present situation.

Paranoid or not, keeping a strict monitoring eye on your employees is part of a job now. You can not leave them alone on their own. This is not a drill. We are in the middle of the pandemic, and surviving this in whatever possible way is the ultimate target.

Thus being all suspicious or distrustful about any employee in the organization is all-natural. Every employer needs to be assured that his employees are loyal to him and his organization.

We have a solution to your problem. Now no need to keep suspecting any employee or his team. That solution will help you clear all your doubts or, in the worst case, will give you strong evidence of any spy presence.

Whatever the possible outcome may be OgyMogy, monitoring app can help you detect any threatening or harmful activity happening in your organization.

OgyMogy is a well-reputed spy app built for employees monitoring purposes. It has an android based software that can be used for tracking targeted person activities via smartphone.

It can also work with windows and mac systems targeted device will be under your remote surveillance. You need to follow simple steps to install the app in the employee’s gadgets. That’s it now you can manage to track all his or her whereabouts remotely.

1. Track His Call Log/SMS History :

If you are noticing that Bob is getting suspicious calls frequently during the meetings. Or he is acting paranoid and attending the calls privately; you need to take the matter seriously. OgyMogy can help you with the details about this matter.

With the call tracking app of OgyMogy, you can get a complete report of all the incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps. Thus now you can quickly check to whom he is calling and why he is always busy taking long calls in working hours.

Moreover, you can monitor all the conversations through SMS. Even after the deletion, you can recover all the chat history with the OgyMogy monitoring app.

2. Track His Emails ID:

Another way to detect if an employee is working as a spy in your organization is to keep an eye on their emails etc. Through the keylogging software app of OgyMogy, you can remotely access the keyloggers of the targeted device.

Thus you will have a complete record of all the email and passwords of the suspected person. You can easily check all the received, sent, drafts, or spam emails.

Moreover, it allows you to check all the attachments files thus, you will know if someone is sharing any confidential documents or media files with others.

3. Track Location:

You can get live location alerts of any employee by using a GPS tracker.OgyMogy can help you know the pinpoint location of any targeted device on google map. You can virtually mark Safe or Restricted zone on google maps.

Thus whenever the target enters or leave the marked zone, you will get notified in real-time.OgyMogy will help you track any secret meetings. You can also find hideouts meetup places etc   


With OgyMogy cell phone spy software, you can read all the IM record remotely. You can keep a strict eye on all their activities, chat history, media sharing, etc. OgyMogy gives you complete remote access to all the audio, video, or document files shared through any IM app.

5. Monitor Their Calendar:

If you are suspecting any secret meeting with opponent party employee. Or you want a complete appointment schedule of any specific employee. You can use ogymogy android calendar tracking app.

Every android has a built-in calendar, which we use for important dates marker. Thus by getting access to the calendar, you will know about his or her all the future meetings and schedules.

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