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Key Strategies to Create SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Key Strategies to Create SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Of course, you would be one of those who want their business site to rank on the top of Google SERPs.

However, every other business has the same goal as yours. This simply depicts a lot of competition.

Online shopping has been accelerating the growth of the eCommerce industry. And the only way to begin and promote the business is by designing a website.

Furthermore, by investing in building SEO-friendly eCommerce design services, you will be able to rank better in the search results and drive traffic to your business.

But the question is how you can seamlessly create an SEO-friendly eCommerce site. So, let us explore the important strategies listed below.

Ways to Build an SEO-friendly Business eCommerce Website

Pick the Right CMS Platform

The primary objective of a content management system (CMS) is to manage the creation and distribution of digital information such as photographs, videos, documents, and marketing


There are various Content Management Systems that serve the purpose of blogging. Here, we need the ones that are meant for eCommerce web design.

Hence, choosing the right CMS comes as a necessity at the beginning of an eCommerce website building process.

This is because it impacts:

  • The development cost and the pricing of the CMS platform as well.
  • The features you will incorporate into your website.
  • The design possibilities as several CMS come with in-built templates, themes, and plugins.

Select Reliable Hosting Service Provider

Hosting providers and the choice of the package can make a huge difference. These will influence the website’s downtime and loading speed. After all, this is what is essential in eCommerce.

Perform thorough research and then make a choice. However, remember both the cheap and expensive choices aren’t always worthwhile. Expensive ones may be out of your budget, whereas the cheap ones may not bring you the desired outcomes.

  • Security: A professional eCommerce website with excellent rankings is always at security risks. As a result, ensuring site security is essential.
  • Website Speed: Website loading speed optimization is necessary when designing a user-friendly and engaging eCommerce site. Visitors are more likely to quit a website that takes longer than 3-4 seconds to load. Hence, speed is also one crucial factor to take into consideration.
  • Uptime: The site’s uptime has a considerable impact on the user experience. Customers will switch to another if the website has too little downtime. As a result, make sure it is constantly up and running at 99.99 percent.
  • Compatibility: Underestimating website compatibility while choosing a reputable hosting service provider might be a costly mistake. Thus, having a platform-compatible online store can help you benefit from the SEO tools by easily integrating them.

On-Page Optimization is Crucial

If you want your eCommerce website to rank well, you must master the on-page SEO concepts. Also, you can hire a professional SEO agency to get insights into it. So, let’s take a deeper look at the fundamental ideas.

  • Content-Length: Any website page should have a minimum of 1000 words and can go up to 2000 words. It is usually preferable to have a higher word count. And 2000 seems to be the ideal length, with a high possibility of appearing on the first page of the SERPs. Additionally, with every 1000 words of content, you must incorporate keywords at least 3-5 times.
  • Meta Tags: Meta descriptions and titles are also vital. The more popular your page is, the more effort it asks to think about the description and page titles. Make sure the meta description is no more than 155 characters long. Consider putting it in the form of a headline. For example, you can use words like Buy, Deal, and more to promote click-through rates.

Proper Keyword Utilization

When it comes to creating a user-friendly website and retaining customers, proper keyword research is essential. Several business owners want keywords in the text of their websites and other resources.

However, you must ensure that you do not neglect the utilization of keywords in the page descriptions and titles.

The reason for this is that the website description and title are crawled first by the search engines. It makes it easier for them to find and relate the content. As a result, you can expect improved results and rankings.

Besides the significance of SEO, the challenge that arises here is where to place the keywords. You can insert the keywords by optimizing the pictures using ALT tags.

However, you can insert the keywords in headings, title tags, and meta descriptions, links in the footer, and other website sections.

Focus on Content Optimization

There isn’t sufficient information on the product page categories of many eCommerce websites. However, it is recommended that you focus on each vital product classification page content.

You must verify that keywords are properly inserted into the content of each webpage. Pages such as about us, shopping cart, product description, and so on are examples.

Additionally, you can add features to the material, such as FAQs, testimonials, and so on. All this will help to improve the product page content, allowing the site to rank higher.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the most common and convenient ways to complete daily tasks such as arranging appointments, shopping, and more. It depicts the need for mobile optimization of your eCommerce site.

How to do so?

Consider the suggestions below:

  • Use appropriate Call-to-Actions.
  • Create mobile-friendly versions of your pages with easily visible CTAs.
  • Choose between dynamic serving, different URLs, and responsive eCommerce web design.
  • Create icons or graphics that are mobile-friendly. It will improve the site’s load time. Keep the image file size to a maximum of 80 KB.

Besides, you can run Google’s mobile-optimization test to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

Summing Up

Finally, implementing all these strategies can help in building a professional site that is easily visible and produces expected conversions.

You can seek the services of web development for eCommerce if you want it done by the experts. Additionally, these will assist in creating an SEO-friendly eCommerce website with improved SERP rankings.

So, look no further and put all of these ideas into action right now!!

Thanks for Reading!!

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