Magento vs Laravel – Choose the Best PHP Framework for eCommerce Websites

Magento vs Laravel – Choose the Best PHP Framework for eCommerce Websites

Compare Magento vs Laravel Ecommerce 2021

When it comes to finding e-Commerce solutions, a generic internet search is what most people do. They tend to go for the solutions that have the largest number of features without paying much thought to their effectiveness and application scenarios in their business setups and processes.

However, they realize the mistake after a significant amount of time has passed and then end up with messed-up processes and have no other way out other than starting afresh with some other e-Commerce solution.

Most of the time, this habit leads to big losses in many aspects and brings unprecedented harm to the business which could have been easily avoided with some tailored and efficient e-Commerce solution.

After the self-search, a generic consultation with a web developer comes next. Most common answers to such queries are Magento, Volusion, Lavarel and Shopify etc.

The best and the most effective way to find an e-commerce solution for any business setup that is generally avoided by most of the people is, however, to get custom eCommerce solutions.

The customized e-commerce solutions have premium features that suit specific requirements of every business setup.

So, whether customized or not customized; the question is:

  1. What is Magento, Laravel and PHP?
  2. What should I learn, Laravel or Magento 2?
  3. What are the differences between Magento, Laravel
  4. Is Laravel reliable for e-commerce? 
  5. Which is a better custom framework for e-Commerce solutions development – Magento or Laravel or some other platform?

Out of customized and ready-to-use platforms, the custom-developed solution is better. It can be tailor-made as per the business setup requirements.

Also, the technology changes don’t pose any problems in later stages such as the addition of extra features or migration etc.

Hence, custom-developed solutions are way better than a ready-to-use platform.

In the following post, we offer detailed information about the various things you should consider before choosing a platform for your e-Commerce solution.

So, read “Magento vs Laravel – choose the best PHP framework for e-Commerce websites” and make an informed choice on the basis of your reading.

Laravel -vs- Magento – CMS Comparison

Frameworks for e-Commerce Solutions

Laravel -vs- Magento - CMS Comparison Frameworks for e-Commerce Solutions

Before we talk about the best frameworks for e-Commerce solutions, let us understand the basics and definitions of the word “Framework”. As per the literal definition, a framework is a library of source files with unimplemented or open built-in functions.

These functions can be selectively modified by additional user-written code, for creating a custom application. The framework offers a better and more extensive scope and comprises everything that is necessary to make a user application as per the requirements.

A framework allows a web-developer to complete a project in a smaller amount of time because it has pre-built components. So, the developer doesn’t have to build the components by himself from scratch.

However, it is important to choose a reputed company and expert developer for a customized e-commerce solution. This allows for developing an online business solution built as per your requirements and preferences.

Magento and Lavarel are two highly popular platforms, and the following post compares them extensively.

Before we start comparing them, it is important to understand that developing an e-commerce application based on the client’s requirements is not an easy task. For building an application, the basic requirements are:

  • A future-proof database
  • A UI Designer
  • A UX developer to develop an intuitive user interface
  • Programmers for building the application

Only an experienced and reputed company is able to offer all these things and develop the eCommerce solutions perfectly crafted for your business setup.

However, it is easily said than done because finding a reputed company that fits perfectly inside your budget, technical expectations and reliability demands etc is a daunting task.

Now let us move ahead and learn about the distinguishing aspects of the popular platforms.

Magento vs Laravel: PHP Frameworks for e-Commerce Development

As compared to the CMS platforms, the PHP-based platforms offer more possibilities and more freedom when it comes to customization of an e-Commerce website.

The PHP frameworks are easy to maintain, secure and offer a higher degree of customization; especially for e-Commerce websites.

Both the Magento and Lavarel are highly popular PHP frameworks and offer lots of features for customization. This is why it is tough to pick one!

If you are also confused regarding the choice, then we have compiled a list of the most compelling distinguishing features of Lavarel and Magento. Read Magento vs Laravel that helps to choose the best PHP framework for e-Commerce websites.

1. Track Record

Magento has been the most popular choice among e-Commerce developers for more than a decade now. It offers:

  • Advanced features
  • Availability of tools
  • Full-fledged eCommerce development platform
  • Plugins for the platform etc.

Going by the stats, Magento was downloaded by more than 2.5 million users and more than 100,000 e-Commerce websites have been developed using this platform. So, it is a

On the other hand, Lavarel is a newcomer on the scene that also has promising features and offers a really advanced development.

It is rapidly becoming the most favoured PHP platform after its release in 2011. The platform was revised in 2013 and is being accepted as the standard e-Commerce development framework.

It has shown an increasing market acceptance because of its features such as:

  • Scalability
  • Code simplicity
  • Maintenance etc.

Final Verdict:

Magento has an edge over Laravel as far as the age is concerned. However, Laravel is a new and technologically advanced framework as compared to Magento.

2. Open Source Platform

Both the platforms are open source frameworks that are written in PHP. Magento is now owned by eBay and Laravel is still a FREE one.

Hence, Lavarel allows the digital entrepreneurs to build, manage and improve all kinds of online businesses. By nature, both of them are equally popular as the open-source platforms.

They also allow programmers to extend its capabilities and functionalities if they get stuck with some inherent limitations.

However, some people also see this as a risk as open-source platforms get exposed to security risks and can offer the hackers a chance to attack the applications built using them.

3. Code Complexity

Magento is a decades-old software framework and has undergone several iterations. Though this has led to the inclusion of convenient and beneficial features to build solid e-commerce applications, it has increased the code complexity.

One major drawback of Magento is that the code written using it can get sluggish. This means it becomes difficult to read, debug and troubleshoot. Hence, reading a code written by someone else and fixing the issues gets difficult.

Contrastingly, Laravel has a modern MVC architecture, which makes its code structure and framework management easier for the developers. A Laravel developer can easily read and debug the code written by other developers without spending much effort.

Lavarel uses PHP based syntax and ORM based coding instead of traditional complex SQL scripting. Hence, the database administration becomes easier.

So, when code simplicity and code maintenance are important, Laravel is the best option to choose!

4. Availability of Developers

The number of Magento developers is more than the Lavarel developers because of its age. Magento is one of the oldest and a mature development platform for PHP, while Laravel is currently evolving.

Hence, the disparity in numbers is obvious and justified. Because of the small number of Laravel developers, people generally hire Magento developers and then impart the Laravel training to them. This leads to an increase in the demand for experienced Laravel developers and also leads to better remuneration.

Though the high development cost causes many companies to prefer Magento over Laravel the stats are changing. When the entire cost of buying a ready-to-use e-Commerce solution and the customization cost including the total cost of the Laravel application, and other required plugins, you will realize that Laravel is actually more budget-friendly!

This comes with the additional benefit of custom features. Hiring PHP developers that are well-versed with other MVC platforms and training them on Laravel is a good way to deal with the shortage of Laravel experts.

5. Community Support

Magento is an aged PHP development platform. So, naturally it has a wider acceptance among programmers and enterprises. It is also a reliable framework for e-Commerce development. Contrastingly, Laravel is evolving as of now and has less penetration among the masses.

Magento has good community support and has numerous communities and forums. Hence, the developers don’t find it challenging to get help regarding any issue.

In terms of communities, Laravel is still lagging behind Magento, and that is mainly because of its younger age and a relatively lesser number of contributors. So, as far as the community support is concerned, Magento scores higher!

Magento vs Laravel for E-Commerce Software Platform

Despite all the stats regarding Laravel, such as less community support and limited availability of developers etc, it is the best-preferred PHP development platform for the e-Commerce websites.

Though Magento has a huge number of developers; a long development history; and the best community support, it has a lot of sluggish code. This makes coding complex and databases hard to maintain. When compared against the other available frameworks such as Yii, CodeIgniter etc, Laravel has a huge number of developers.

This is because it has an ORM-based data access model, neat coding, MVC architecture, and ready-to-use e-Commerce solution features.

Further, Laravel is a reliable and robust open-source platform offering a surplus of exceptional advantages. Hence, it allows developers to build secure websites rapidly. The best part about Laravel is that it empowers you to develop everything from scratch and gives you a brilliant opportunity to define the scope of the e-Commerce site.

So, finally, in case you want to develop an e-store for your business, start with choosing an experienced web development company that has an experienced team in Laravel.

This will allow you to have a more stable product with better performance with an intuitive user interface.

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