NAPLAN Preparation Tips Every Parent Should Know

NAPLAN Preparation Tips Every Parent Should Know

Since 2010, Australian students have to take a series of tests based on their writing, reading, language skills, and numeracy knowledge known as the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).

The Council of Australian Governments Education Council oversees the program while the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) administer these tests.

These governing bodies use the results of the tests to determine if the students of the country achieve outcomes.

Students from Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 usually participate in this annual test. But those who are in Year 3 must achieve a 70 per cent part or higher before they can advance to Year 4. These students usually sign up for NAPLAN tutoring to get a high grade. 

If your son or daughter has to deal with their NAPLAN tests soon, you can help them prepare for it with the help of these useful tips.  

Explain What NAPLAN Is To Your Child 

If your child has to take the NAPLAN soon, you need to give him or her the most precise explanation of why he or she needs it in the first place. NAPLAN will allow the student, parents, and teachers the skills and abilities that the child has when it comes to language, reading, writing, and numeracy.

It served as your child’s records of his or her educational milestones when he or she took the tests. It will also help parents and teachers gauge how to improve the student properly to get the most out of school. 

Encourage Your Child To Enjoy Learning

A smart way to prepare your child for the upcoming NAPLAN test is to help him or her to love learning since the tests will reflect all the lessons that he or she learned in school. Teach your child positive study habits.

Therefore, if he/she needs a NAPLAN tutoring, he/she will not have a hard time feeling comfortable learning the critical pointers for upcoming assessments.

Also, you must display a positive approach to learning. It is essential to let the child feel that studying is fun and informative.

It must not look like a tedious chore that he or she needs to do according to your order. Once your child enjoys studying, it will be easier for him or her to succeed in school.

Talk To The Teachers 

You must keep an open line with your child’s teacher to help in preparation for the NAPLAN test. By continually communicating with the people who take care of your child in school, you will be able to foster a positive relationship between your home and the school.

It will also help boost your child’s educational achievements. You may talk to the teachers through different means, like sending emails, taking on the phone, or by personally chatting with them through parent-teacher meetings. You may also get some pointers from them so you can help your child study at home.  

After following these tips, all you need to do to prepare for NAPLAN is to inspire your child. Let your child sleep early the day before the scheduled test, then serve them with a hearty breakfast in the morning before going to the assessment location.

Use your breakfast time to give a pep talk so he or she will feel good throughout the day. By doing all these tips, you can be confident that your child will do well during the exams. 


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