Role of Psychology in Education

Role of Psychology in Education

Psychology plays a very important role in every sphere of life. Psychology might be an arts stream subject but has a scientific aspect to it. Psychology becomes even more important when it comes to children.

Today, children are exposed to several technology and life situations which may affect their psychology in a different way and it is very important to talk to them.

The person, who interacts the most with the children, needs to pay keen attention to what they are learning as well as thinking.

Teachers are the ones who influence the kids most and spend a long time with them. They need to understand the child psychology and also fulfill their queries so that they do not interpret explanations of their own.

If the teacher has a good knowledge about the child psychology they would be able to interact with the students in a better way and also make them understand the subject they teach.

If they do not understand what is going on in a child’s mind then there would always be a communication gap between the teacher and the student.

Teaching and Learning today

Teaching as well as learning has developed a lot along the decade. The relationship between the teacher and the student is not the same anymore. The advancement in technology has also improved the teacher and student relationship and hence the psychology is to be understood.

The students now are much more matured and hence the old teaching ways won’t be affective anymore. Along with the students, the teachers also have to be more mature and handle the students in a different way.

The old school ways of teaching and punishing students are no more working. Students are much more sentimental now and even a small punishment can affect their mind in the wrong way leading to even disruptive steps taken by them. Thus handling students has become more difficult in this era.

What do you mean by a good teacher?

Previously, a good teacher was the one who could yield good result from the students. Times changed and the definition for a good teacher became the one who can make the student understand the subject well.

Next, the teacher should be able to make the student love the subject and learn because they find the subject interesting and not only because it was involved in the course. This era has completely changed the perspective of a teacher.

A good teacher is the one who can not only make the student love the subject but also accept any queries and experiments that the student have in mind. A teacher should play the role of a guide or an instructor.

He should let the student think about the subject and find his own way to understand and provide guidance so that the student is always on the right track.

What is the role of educational psychology?

There are several roles of educational psychology in aspect of teachers and students. The concept of teaching and learning has changed. To make the students understand better, teachers need to know the thinking process of the students and change their methods of teaching.

Same old methods of teaching won’t work with this generation. New methods and styles need to be adopted by teachers if they really want to make the students understand their subject.

The thinking procedure of not only the student but also the teacher is taken into account in educational psychology. Today, importance is given not only to the student’s psychology but also the teacher’s psychology.

What goes in the mind of the teacher while teaching his students is equally important and worth considering. Previously importance was given only to child’s psychology but now even teacher’s psychology is brought into account because they are equally important in the teaching and learning process.

Another very important task of the teacher is to create an environment where the students can learn. The environment plays a very important role in teaching as well as learning.

As Rabindranath Tagore said teaching in a closed room can cage the thoughts of a student. So he introduced the concept of learning and teaching in an open environment under the tree.

Teaching needs to be an experience of a lifetime and the teacher should try to make it experimental.

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