Skype Blocked Again In The United Arab Emirates

Skype Blocked Again In The United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, many foreign websites and applications are censored for various reasons which are usually political.

Among the blocked applications, there is Skype which since December 31 has been inaccessible again.

Note that this is not the first time that Skype has been censored in this country and to access it, local Internet users use vpn which is a service for unblocking geo-censored sites.

Vpn and Skype

As a reminder, vpn is a service that has been especially developed to encrypt the user’s internet connection and at the same time offer him a new IP address. With the latter, he can pass himself off as a foreign Internet user wherever he is.

To do this, he will only have to connect to a vpn server located in another country. This is what will allow it to bypass the various forms of geo-censorship on the Internet.

For example, to unblock Skype in the UAE, he will just have to pretend to be an Internet user located in the USA (example), by connecting to a US vpn server which will replace his Arabic IP address with an American IP.

Note that if Skype is blocked in the UAE, it is not only for political reasons but also for commercial reasons.

Indeed, Etisalat and DU currently offer the paid VOIP software Botim and CMe and to launch them, they are obliged to censor those which are free like best vpn for mac os.

Which vpn to use?

There are currently several names of vpn services on the Internet. Some are free and some are not. By logging into Google Play or the Apple Store and typing the keyword: vpn, you will have a hundred results. Know how to choose the best.

As a tip, we recommend that you do not choose a free vpn because not only is it limited but it is also not secure.

For your security, we recommend that you use a paid VPN service, which is much safer and more complete. Among the best-paid VPNs currently, there is ExpressVPN which stands out for its many strengths.

Express VPN and Skype

To unblock Skype in UAE, it is necessary to use a quality vpn like ExpressVPN whose strengths are detailed below:

  • ExpressVPN is an unlimited paid VPN service. When using it, all the features are unlocked and the user can surf the Internet without limit in a secure mode.
  • ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, during which time the customer can test the service for free. If he does not meet his expectations, he may request a refund.
  • ExpressVPN has +3000 VPN servers located in +90 countries around the world. This is more than enough to access the majority of censored VOIP websites and applications around the world.
  • ExpressVPN supports the following VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN. With the latter, your connection will be encrypted at 256 bits.
  • ExpressVPN is accessible from 6.34 euros per month for an annual subscription.

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