Some Typical Things That Will Assist You Fight Your Asthma

Some Typical Things That Will Assist You Fight Your Asthma

Asthma is a disease that is characterized by the sudden shortness of breath, wheezing and other symptoms. It affects the airflow in the lungs. Due to this, a patient suffering from asthma is not able to breathe properly.

The symptoms of asthma generally occur when the muscle of the airways get blocked and swell. This also results in the tightening of the muscles.

The airways are filled with mucus which further hampers the normal breathing of the patient. During such a situation the area of the airways gets reduced as it shrinks in size.

Types of asthma

Asthma types can mainly be categorized into three different types-

1. Bronchial Asthma

This is the most common type of asthma that is seen in the people. It affects the bronchioles of the lungs.

2. Allergic asthma

This type of asthma attack is mainly due to the exposure to different types of allergens such as- pet dander, different foods, mold, pollens and dust particles in the atmosphere. In some people, it can be seasonal as well with the more asthma attacks in the winter season especially.

3. Nonallergic asthma

This type of asthma attack can be induced due to irritants present in the atmosphere. There could be various types of irritants such as smoke of wood or cigarettes, cold air, pollution, fly ash, viral infections, use of air fresheners, deodorants and perfumes, etc.

4. Occupational asthma

It is a type of asthma attack which is due to a type of allergen that is present in the workplace. These can be dust of asbestos or wood, dyes, fumes of certain substances, industrial chemicals, latex etc.

5. Nocturnal asthma

This type of asthma systems or an asthma attack can be triggered at night. Due to this the normal sleep of the person is hampered.

Symptoms of asthma

The general symptoms of asthma include-

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Difficulty to breathe properly
  • Fatigue

Asthma is caused due to different types of allergens and based on these persons can have different types of side effects.

Causes of asthma

  1. Researchers believe that asthma can be caused due to a variety of different reasons. This are-
  2. Genetic reasons-This is hereditary and if your parents have asthma then you also have a very high chance of developing it from childhood.
  3. Prone to viral infections- People who are generally more prone to viral infections are more prone to asthma attacks.
  4. Lack of a strong immune system- Not having a strong immune system can also mean that you will be more prone to asthma attacks. Some babies have asthma problems right since their childhood. This is because in babies the immune system is not strong enough.
  5. Allergen exposure- Exposure to the allergen is another factor. Dust, pollens, husk, animal dead skin, and even dandruff are the various allergens.

What conditions trigger the asthma attacks?

Various conditions can trigger asthma. The most common triggers of asthma are-


many types of respiratory diseases like flu and pneumonia are natural triggers of asthma. People who suffer from other respiratory infections can also develop asthma.

2. Exercise

Excessive exercise can make us feel out of breath. People prone to asthma attacks are recommended not to involve in tremendously high energy soaking exercises.

3. Particles present in the air

Some of the dust particles present in the air can also cause asthma. Some other factors like smoke, fumes of certain industrial substances and odors can also trigger asthma.

4. Allergens

There are a lot of natural allergens present in the air like animal dander, mites, pollens, that can also trigger sudden asthma attacks.

5. Weather conditions

winter is one of the most common seasons that cause asthma attacks. People can also show a lot of asthma symptoms during extreme cold temperatures.

People living in colder regions have to be extremely careful of the cold weather and go out of the house only in case of some emergency purpose. While going out it is necessary to cover your mouth and nose with a clean cloth.

What are the possible options for the treatment of asthma?

There are various types of treatment for asthma. They can mainly be divided into three types-

Breathing exercises they can be carried along regularly with other medicines like using Asthalin Inhalers and Ketosteril Tablate.

First aid treatments these mainly involve the use of emergency inhalers.

Long term treatments here also you use various types of inhalers such as the Asthalin inhalers.

Your doctor will prescribe you a regular dosage that has to be taken strictly as per the recommended dosage and as per the timings they can be taken once or twice a day daily.

Prevention of asthma

People suffering from asthma have to maintain certain precautions to ensure that they do not get exposed to the particular type of allergen that can increase the chance of an asthma attack.

You can also visit doctors frequently and take vaccines to prevent asthma. The use of inhalers such as the Asthalin inhalers can be done for the prevention of acute asthma attacks.

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