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Student Discount For Hbo Max Or Hbo Student Discount

Student Discount For Hbo Max Or Hbo Student Discount

The platform was just released in May 2020 and may be accessed in the US as well as a few nations in Europe and the Caribbean. 

The service is unquestionably superb, but it may also be somewhat pricey. HBO Max has a $14,99 monthly basic pricing and no current free trials available.

Saving money is more vital than ever in a world like the one we live in today when many people are trying to live within their means. 

However, it is also crucial that services like HBO Max keep us engaged. HBO Max was formerly accessible to students at a reduced rate of $9.99. 

However, this offer has already expired unless you already have a student membership in place.  

However, there are more methods to reduce the cost of your membership. You will discover which are the most effective approaches to accomplish so in this post.

HBO Maximum Student Discount

The Sopranos, Westworld, and Game of Thrones are among the popular series available on HBO Max, the company's newest streaming subscription. 

HBO prioritises quality over quantity, which sets them apart from other streaming providers. You can probably find anything you enjoy on their platform since there are only around 700 titles accessible at any one moment.

The exciting part is about to begin: you may get an even better bargain if your email address ends in @edu, which indicates that you are an eligible college student! HBO Max normally costs $14.99 per month, but if you join up using your school email address, you can get it for only $9.99!

How to Save Money with HBO Max Subscription

People go to their streaming services as the first location to cut down on spending when money is tight. Even while it might be tempting to stop watching HBO Max, there are alternative methods to save money without sacrificing your favourite series.

Share your account: You may share your HBO Max account with friends or family members who have similar viewing preferences. 

In this manner, you will only have to pay for one membership as opposed to many. With a single membership, you may have up to five distinct profiles. 

Note that there is a restriction on the number of concurrent streams that may occur across connected devices due to security concerns.

Benefit from free trials: You may sign up for a free trial if you're a new customer. This is an excellent method to test the service out before deciding to pay for a membership. 

You avoid being charged for the whole month; be sure you cancel before the trial time expires. 

Start a free trial and download the series or episodes you are interested in if you simply care about one or two shows.

Look for deals – HBO Max and its partners often offer deals and promotions. For instance, if you subscribed to AT&T Unlimited Premium, you may be eligible for a free HBO Max membership. Visit their website to see the most recent deals.

Purchase an annual account to save 16% on your purchase when you pay for your account 12 months in advance. 

Essentially, annual purchases offer you two months free. For $149.99, you may have an ad-free subscription for a whole year. 

If you choose a monthly plan, this is equal to 10 months. The ad-supported subscription, which will set you back $99.99 annually, is no different.

Try using a different payment option. Depending on the kind of credit card you use, you may be eligible to get a discount. 

Certain credit cards, for instance, provide cash back or points that may be exchanged for gift cards or other incentives.

Select the appropriate plan — selecting the appropriate package might help you save money if you do not need all the extra features. 

HBO Max's ad-free subscription costs $14.99 a month, but for $9.99 a month, you can access the same material if you do not mind viewing commercials.

How Can I Save Costs On HBO?

Students may sign up for a monthly membership to HBO at a reduced price of $9.99, which includes HBO's on-demand content. Additionally, it may be upgraded to a regular membership for an extra $5.99.  

HBO Max is probably already included in your plan without cost if you already have access to any cable or service provider. Additionally, HBO offers a free one-month trial for new subscribers.

The HBO max college discount is available to on-campus students, who may even use it free. As a result, you may always access for free all of your favourite HBO series and films. 

Go to to register. Navigate to your school from the "All Providers" tab on the website.

Why Is HBO Max Needed for Students?

HBO Max is a fantastic method for students to relax and unwind. You may watch your favourite series and films anytime you want, thanks to the vast selection. Additionally, you may make use of unique material that other streaming providers do not offer!

  • A reasonably priced premium streaming service is HBO Max.
  • HBO Max is available to students at a subsidised price.

It has a vast selection of films and TV programmes, including legendary original productions like Barry, Vice, and Fahrenheit 11/9, as well as the greatest blockbuster series like Westworld, Game of Thrones, and True Detective.

HBO Max Free Subscriptions

Seems too wonderful to be true? Rethink your thoughts. As part of their on-campus facilities, several colleges provide free HBO Max subscriptions to their students. 

We are not advocating that you enroll at a college simply because it has HBO Max, however. However, you should definitely take advantage of this wonderful, free benefit if you are enrolled in one of these universities.

You must have a email account and be enrolled as a student right now. Congrats if you meet those requirements! Your HBO Max subscription is most likely already covered by your school.

 To get started, all you have to do is sign up using the email address associated with your institution.


Unfortunately, students may no longer get a discount on their HBO Max membership. It served as a much-needed vacation from homework and aids with stress alleviation and mental well-being. 

However, there are still methods to reduce the cost of your membership. Using free trials, holding out for exclusive deals, and sharing accounts are all excellent methods to save money. And perhaps move to a new provider where students might get better deals.

The platform's catalogue should be examined first, however. It seems sense that learning that their favourite programme is available on a rival provider would make someone angry. 

If all of your favourite shows are available on HBO Max, your only options are to wait for a discount or to pay the full amount.

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