The Must-have Android Apps List for 2021

The Must-have Android Apps List for 2021

In this digital era, Applications have made everything just a tap away.  There is an application for almost every purpose in your daily life. 

We are all dependent on our applications for music, entertainment, communication, social media management, and whatnot. Moreover, thousands of businesses rely on these social media applications. 

In 2012, Google revolutionized the web development industry by rebranding its application market and launching Google Play Store.

Along with the store, the company also released some of its in-built applications such as Google book, Google music, Hangout, Google Maps, etc. 

Today Google is the largest mobile application store with more than 3 million apps available on its Play store.

According to recent statistics, more than 40% of the Android app development companies in the UK rely on the social media application business. 

With this sheer number of online applications, it can be very confusing and overwhelming to choose the best ones that suit your lifestyle.  

Therefore, we have tried to make it a little easier for you by assorting a list of the most popular and useful apps to help you with everything. Right from music to sports to News, we have something for all your requirements. 

Without any further ado, let us start with your must-have Android applications list: 

1. Nova Launcher :

This application was featured in the 50 best android launcher apps of 2020. Nova Launcher has a very versatile and lightweight User interface with tons of customizations.

In addition to this, there are various icon packs available on the play store to modify it with even better features.

It lets you customize your notification badges, app-docks, application drawers, icons, and folders for easy navigation. 

It also offers a premium version where you can set personalized themes and mobile unlock gestures for your phone, giving you more control over your smartphone’s interface. 

2. Google Find My Device :

It is one of the best free android applications of all time that comes in handy when you lose your device or any other stolen case.

With the help of Find my device, you can quickly relocate your missing phone, reset its password or pin code, and erase all of your factory data that can be misused. 

It is accessible from any device like a laptop, smartphone, desktop, and even an iPhone. This Geolocation and erasing data are a few of the useful features that make it a must-have. 

3. Kaspersky- Mobile Antivirus

Your smartphone possesses all of your personal information, from your contact numbers to your bank account details, that you don’t want to lose.

Therefore before anything else, it is essential to keep your device safe and secure. Kaspersky mobile antivirus app keeps your phone protected from all external breaches and malware threats.

Due to its amazing virus detection software, it can easily browse your internal space card, external storage, and your search history. 

Along with automatic malware blocking, it also has some anti-theft features, for instance, data swipe, Location search, and boost security mode. 

4. WhatsOnFlix

This application is one of the most popular ones in the entertainment category available for both android and iOS users.

WhatsOnFlix Helps you search and discover the latest movies and series on Netflix. It is an independent app developed by Zeemo UG & Co. for all the users who love binge-watching. 

It also keeps updating its regular list for newly added and expired content along with other frequent upgrades. Overall it’s a perfect app for all the entertainment buffs who don’t like spending hours on the Netflix catalogue. 

5. Spotify :

People should definitely not be missing out on this application. According to the survey of 2020, Spotify has become the most downloaded app on the Google play store.

You can listen to every kind of music based on your taste or mood, and above all, you can create your own playlist. 

The premium version of Spotify also offers you unlimited downloads and ad-skipping features. 

6. Google Pay :

Android play store offers some excellent options when it comes to mobile payments.

However, Google pay is the most preferred one. It allows you to add any card from the banks’ list and offers you reward cards for transactions. 

It keeps the entire process secure as the actual card number is not shared while paying. Along with this, It has a QR scan, Mobile recharge, and multiple payment options. 

7. Zomato :

Zomato is again the most popular and downloaded application on the play store. It is your go-to app for choosing nearby restaurants, ordering food,

or even checking out the restaurant’s pictures, menus, and customer reviews. The Zomato map feature guides you to your desired restaurant or cafe. 

Recently, other new features like bookings and takeaways have also been added. It also offers discounts on almost all the restaurants with Zomato gold premium, making it easy on your bills. 

8. Mint :

Mint is another unique application that helps you with all your finances. It is basically a money management app that contains all your credit card details, bills and investments, and bank transactions where you can keep track of your expenses and savings.

The best part is it automatically recommends a budget amount if you go a little high on your costs. 

With the Mint app, you can easily set up your short term and long term money saving goals. 

9. Groupon: 

This app is available on both the platforms, Android, and iOS, to search coupons for various categories like electronics, fashion, entertainment, gadgets, accessories, etc.

It notifies you about the discount offers going to your nearby physical stores and online stores. 

In most cases, it automatically redirects you to the company’s website, where you can find deals before your purchase. The discounts mentioned update once every 24 hours. 

10. RunKeeper

If you are looking for an app that keeps track of all your exercise goals, progress reports, and fitness measurements, then Runkeeper is the one for you. You can even join online challenges and win exciting rewards. 

It also provides weather details and information on groups that are running near you. 


The applications mentioned above are some of the best of all time to help you make good use of your smartphones.

Although this list does not end here, there are several other apps on the play store that is worth trying. You can easily search and download them according to your requirements.

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