Top 10 Job Search Experts And Their Linkedin Profile To Follow

LinkedIn profile is one of the most essential platforms for hiring managers as well as job seekers.

Whereas the hiring managers post their requirement on LinkedIn profile in the expectation of getting the leads of appropriate and suitable candidates to apply, the job seekers also stay motivated in anticipation of job positions they are looking since long.

Apart from following the companies to keep an eye on their job postings, the job seekers also must follow some advice and tips regarding job applications and interviews.

There are many job search experts and their LinkedIn profiles the job seekers can follow to boost their job search.

After analyzing the dedication while helping the job seekers, we have listed some job search expert profiles you can follow right away.

Top 10 Linkedin Profile To Follow In 2020

1.Pallavi Pande:

She provides resume writing services to job seekers. When you don’t have many numbers of backing your experience, Pallavi knows how your resume writing concept should be.

She is active in the LinkedIn communities and posts regularly. She develops powerfully written and well-presented Executive Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile and Executive Biography for Mid-Senior, Top Management, and CXO Level professionals.

2. Aditya Sisodia

He is a career coach and mentor, and he helps candidates to land a job faster. He believes that it is not enough for the candidates to show their accomplishments and experiences, they also need to prove their value in front of the hiring managers.

3. Sanjay Arora

This is a ubiquitous sight when the job seekers aimlessly wander through the LinkedIn profiles and job postings. Sanjay tries to help job seekers by helping them to go for thoughtful career coaching. He posts his insights and tips frequently.

4. Spurti Spu

Spurti is a career mentor. She helps the job seekers to create perfect guidance according to the industry they are applying for and also provide LinkedIn profile wring services. Her posts, infographics, and videos are to help job seekers even more.

5. Poulomi Chakraborty

If you follow her LinkedIn profile, you will get to see daily updates from her. She is a recruitment expert and professional; thus, most of her posts include tactics to get a great job but occasionally you can also find entrepreneurship tips in her posts. Her interviews and posts about how to make a LinkedIn profile attractive worth following if you are a job seeker.

6. Diana YK Chan

Apart from being an HR manager herself for Google, she is also a career coach. The job seekers must follow her account for LinkedIn profile tips and tricks, interview pitfalls and enhance your career.

7. Ed Han

If you want to create a LinkedIn profile and posts a little more consistent, you must follow hi tips of the day on LinkedIn. Though he posts small posts they are useful and helpful. Once you follow Ed on LinkedIn, you can get to see his notifications almost every day. If you want to have some great LinkedIn tips, Ed has hundreds of them.

8. Linda Tuerk

She is a head hunter and job search coach. The best thing about Linked profile of Linda is that she is brave enough and also talked about the ridiculous practices happening around us and even in her own industry.

9. Kerri Twig

Kerri is a career coach, and she generally talks about career development and job search. Keri through her LinkedIn profile helps the job seekers to better narrate their own stories and strengthen the qualification to be one of the best factors for an effective job search. She often posts videos covering the same topics and her tips are much needed for you are a job seeker.

10. Ashley Watkins

You can’t miss following the LinkedIn profile of this job search coach. Her personal branding ideas are something that will help you a million times more. She even talks about the recruiter’s mentality and how to deal with them to grab an opportunity.