Top 5 Free Games For Smartwatches In 2021

Top 5 Free Games For Smartwatches In 2021

The smartest kid in school in the 80s and 90s was the guy with the mechanical calculator watch.

Not only could the kid cheat on math exams, but those fitness trackers or activity trackers also came with easy, interactive “games” like Snake that during the most boring lectures could keep you amused.

We also looked to the stars, hoping for a world where we could track our steps and destroy marauding with clever, wearable tech.

The next logical move was to program games for them, now that smartwatches exist among us and have proved themselves useful.

Both Google and Apple have their smartwatch flagship, and there are various businesses competing for Android clients, so you can locate a product reasonably conveniently with your chosen flavour.

And even though the smartwatch gaming industry is not quite as robust as it is for tablets.

The best free smartphone game apps

We had to play a lot of games through various platforms while assembling this list to sift out the garbage from the gem, and we split it even further into paid and unpaid applications.

While there aren’t a lot of wearable games, there are plenty that you can be misled into buying something evil, so hopefully, this list can help you make a pick. We’re going to explain the game, give our thoughts and let you know what platforms are compatible with it.

1. Tilt

Right now, augmented reality games are very common and most are quite complicated. For a fun idea, Tilt foregoes difficulty, building a virtual reality area that has you picking up boxes without losing them.

Although this sounds easy, learning it is extremely challenging and can get addictive very easily.

2. Runeblade

Runeblade, one of the first complex games created for the Apple watch, provides shockingly intense gameplay, mirroring old-school RPGs.

Complete some missions, defeat, and level up some monsters, all broadly desirable.

The best thing is the simple GUI that enables you to easily play and lock up shop, so you can pop in to fulfil your appetite for fun and then shut it down when your manager needs their TPS reports.

3. Galaxia Classic

Galaxia Classic rolls Aliens and Galaxia into one app, with more retro goodness. It’s fast to play and great for burning without going too deep for some time.

As all the pixelated graphics scale well to every dimension, the minimalist style also works well for a smartwatch. Unfortunately, at the moment, there’s just an Android edition.

4. Infinity Loop

On Windows, Perl was a really early game where you twirled yarn ties together to make strings, and Infinity Loop is like that.

Ask your parents if you don’t recall Perl, but no matter what, Infinity Loop is a wonderful game where you press lines to make an Infinity loop.

Infinity Loop is a perfect game already fine-tuned for the Android watch, very easy to play and learn but challenging enough that you can never master it. It’s free to play, but, if you’re so inclined, it has a few minor in-app purchases.

5. Space War

Space War is like Galaxia, except it is rendered in the style of classic arcade space shooters instead of being a port of old titles.

The graphics are nostalgic and stunning and provide an easy but difficult game that satisfies your passion for combat in space. You’re mindful of the desire.

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