Top Subjects That Your Kids Can Learn Online in the Age of COVID-19

Top Subjects That Your Kids Can Learn Online in the Age of COVID-19

Are you wondering how you can help your child learn while schools are closed because of COVID-19?

Do you still want them to learn key subjects that will help develop their mental faculties? Are you open to investing in computer-based learning to enrich your child’s academic skills?

Then worry not, as there are online classes available for kids of all ages. Don’t let the pandemic stop your child from pursuing knowledge. Read on and find out what subjects your child can take via eLearning programs.

Online Education as a Solution

When the coronavirus pandemic swept through the world with such unprecedented fury, entire communities were placed on lockdown.

It has brought the operations of businesses and other non-essential establishments to a halt. Schools and other academic institutions were temporarily closed.

While the strict observance of the government restriction must be carried out to prevent the spread of the virus, it doesn’t mean that learning should stop.

Your children can still exercise their brains and develop skills in various subjects through online learning.

To ensure that children will have uninterrupted learning, schools and educational centers are encouraged to use alternative methods and online learning strategies.

When you want your child to still get premium education, then you should enroll him or her into a premier learning institution that offers online instruction held by degree-holders and subject experts.

Even if schools are still out, children can take advantage of the expansive knowledge of highly trained instructors on specific topics.

Virtual classes and instructor-led activities will be conducted based on the age and academic level of your child.

You can just choose a schedule that is most convenient for your child and look forward to fantastic results.

Make sure that you also have a computer system upgrade so you can avoid unnecessary technical difficulties or service interruptions.

Here are some of the top online courses that your child can take while staying at home:

1. Math Courses

Depending on the age of your child, there are mathematics courses that are suited for his or her own grade level.

Subject matter experts are available via technology platforms to patiently teach concepts, check for comprehension and retention, and provide tailored instruction so students can learn based on the requirements for their level.

Children will be encouraged and motivated by their online instructors to gain a better understanding of the topics through a thorough discussion of theories and concepts. It will also be supplemented by hands-on activities that will allow them to apply what they learned in real-life scenarios.

Topics may include the fundamental mathematical operations, basic fractions, word problems, decimals, basic algebra and equations, geometry, and trigonometry, among others.

2. Science Courses

If your child is particularly interested in Science, then enroll him or her in an online science course. There are specific topics that will be assigned to your child depending on the age or grade level that he or she is in.

This virtual learning class will cover topics such as biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Online instruction will be conducted by science teachers who can ably discuss concepts and terminologies with clarity. Students will be guided along and assessed accordingly to address each one’s specific needs.

Aside from the audiovisual learning instruction, children enrolled in the online science course will also make use of worksheets.

They will also conduct scientific investigations that can help enhance their critical thinking and reasoning skills. These activities will help them relate science to their daily lives.

Webinars are also scheduled to provide supplementary learning.

3. STEM Courses

Expose your child to a blended learning platform as you invest in a STEM course. Let your child explore the wonders of learning the English language and its applications as well as various topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Through online STEM classes, your child can learn more about scientific and mathematical concepts. They will also know how to use specific tools during STEM hands-on activities and experiments.

Even kids as young as eight years old can learn the basics of Game Development, Arduino, or Mobile Application Development. Children as young as six years old can also try their skills in Scratch Coding.

For older children aged 12 to 17, there are two levels of Python courses they may already take. Python is a universal programming language that can introduce them to computer programming, the creation of computer applications, or the development of a database management system, among others.

Instilling in them the basics of STEM education will greatly help them in building a strong foundation for their future. There is a current demand for data scientists, for example, and proficiency in STEM subjects can help in pursuing such a career.

Premium Online Education

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. However dismal the effects of COVID-19 are, there are still some things that you can do to help improve the situation.

One of these is to continue developing and strengthening the knowledge and skills of your child through online classes. While physical classes and face-to-face instruction are not yet encouraged, it is best to continually nurture your child’s mind.

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