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Top Ways To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Top Ways To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

For marketers today, paralysis in the analysis is an issue needing resolution; ranging from selecting the necessary channels to determining the content strategy.

Hence, here is a comprehensive manual for all social media marketers (and aspiring juniors) to step up and make a really nice social media marketing plan right from ground zero (hence, learning social media marketing):

• Setting meaningful social marketing goals.
• Researching the target audience.
• Creating metrics that hold the most importance
• Analyzing the competition.
• Creating and curating engaging content.
• Making rightness a topmost priority.
• Assessing the results and optimizing it.
• Communicating objectives, challenges and achievements within the team.

Setting meaningful social media marketing goals

These goals should mean sense for the business. First, the marketer must figure out what they want out of their business’s social media presence. Coming up with a social media plan means that marketers have the ultimate objective in mind.

Regardless of whether it means more monetary revenue from the existing presence, or amplifying up the reach to reach new followers, this is completely up to the social media team to do so. What matters most is that realistic social media goals be set.

Experts recommend solving smaller goals as they allow social media teams to scale their efforts in a reasonable and affordable way. Here are some top priorities social media teams must look at:

• Raising brand awareness.
• Growing the audience.
• Generating leads and sales.
• Raising web traffic and community engagement.

Researching the target audience

For marketers, nothing is suicidal than making assumptions. They should be thankful they can get as much demographic data and social media analytics tools; they do not have to make any now.

In short, what they need to know about their target audience is already out there.

Taking into consideration today’s social media demographics, these numbers speak directly and indicate where brands should be and what kind of content they should publish. Here are some key takeaways:

• Both Facebook and YouTube are prime places for ads as their user base is a high earning one.
• A vast majority of Instagram’s users are either millennials or generation Z. This indicates the strength of bold and eye-popping content oozing with personality.
• Women outnumber men on Pinterest by a large margin. It boasts the highest average order value for social shoppers.
• LinkedIn’s user base is quite educated. It is a hub for in-depth, industry-specific content that might be more complex than what is seen on both Facebook and Twitter.

Hence, one size does not fit all.

Establishing the most important metrics

All social media strategies should be driven by data regardless of what is being sold. It means focusing on metrics mattering most to social media.

Instagram began hiding likes on itself and this should be an eye-opener for businesses today. Rather than focusing on vanity metrics, brands are now focusing on scraping out data aligning directly with their objectives.
Here are some metrics marketers should keep their sights on:

• Clicks.
• Reach.
• Engagement.
• Hashtag Performance.
• Organic and paid likes.
• Sentiment.

Analyzing competition

It is wise to analyze what competitors are up to. This gives a good idea of what content to make. Some brands look into third-party competitor analysis tools to dig deeper into competitors’ numbers, they can also gain useful insights from quite a simple review of their competitors’ social presence.

Looking at the competition’s social channels will help in creating a social media promotion plan. It helps determine what works and what doesn’t work.

Making and curating engaging content

Social media marketing strategies revolve around content. Here, social media marketers should have a pretty good idea of what to publish based on what their goal is and what their brain identity is. This helps them feel confident about the networks to cover.

The following rules can help:

• Working with content themes.
• Interactive content and UGC.
• Stories.
• Time-sensitive content.
• Posting at the best time to engage users.
• Responding to shout-outs and queries quickly.

Making rightness a top priority

Rightness is also known as timeliness. It is a two-way street. No one can ever always expect customers to operate on their time. It is a must to react and respond to them timely, using the following rules:

Posting at the best time to engage.
• Responding to queries and shout outs timely.

Assessing the results and optimizing it

It is important that marketers be able to adapt their strategy as they progress throughout the year.

Without continuous analysis of the work done, no one will find out what works. A bird’s eye of all social media work helps put things into perspective. Fine-tuning campaigns in line with best performing content is a must.

Monitoring the metrics behind the campaigns in real-time helps make needed tweets to the strategy instead of large-scale changes which consume time. With social media evolving, a dynamic approach helps a lot.

Communicating objectives, challenges and achievements within the team
This is most important of all. If there is no collaboration, then there is no score (Press Release for Any Business).

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