Visit Apple MacBook Service Centre for Battery Replacement

Visit Apple MacBook Service Centre for Battery Replacement

Is your MacBook battery draining faster than usual? Do you have to frequently charge the battery?

They are signs that it is time to visit an independent Apple MacBook service centreto get a new battery for your Mac. But, before you do that, make sure that it does top-quality MacBook repairs.

Mac batteries tend to lose their capacities over time, and one day, you might wake up to find that it is dead.

Before that happens, you need to get the old battery replacement. It will ensure that your dream machine’s performance does not suffer. Apple says,

“Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before their performance is expected to diminish. Once the cycle count is reached, a replacement battery is recommended to maintain performance.”

Your MacBook battery can retain up to 80 per cent of its original charge capacity at 1000 charge cycles. Here is how you can check the “current” cycle count of your Mac notebook.

Hold the Option key > Click Apple Menu > Choose System Information > Select Power under the Hardware section > You can see the current cycle count under the Battery Information.

Moreover, your MacBook comes with a Battery Health status feature. It lets you know when it is time to visit an Apple MacBook service centrefor battery replacement. 

You can view the condition of your MacBook battery by going to the Apple menu > System Preferences > click Battery > click Battery again > click Battery Health (located in the lower right corner). You are likely one of these conditions.

  • Normal: The battery is functioning normally. 
  • Service Recommended: The battery is performing normally, but its ability to hold a charge is less than when it was new. You may want to consider replacing the battery.

How do you get the MacBook battery replaced?

You will find several DIY online videos that make you believe that you can install a new Mac battery yourself.

It is good to try certain things yourself, but you should not do the MacBook battery replacement yourself.

It is a complicated process if you are using the mid-2009 model or newer ones. They all come with built-in batteries, and without the expertise and the right tools, you cannot do a good job.

You might mess up and end up damaging other parts of your Mac instead of replacing its old battery.

Which Centre to Visit for New Battery?

Do not visit small laptop repair shops. You must spend some time finding a well-known repair centre that is commited to quality Mac repairs.

It is most likely to have Apple-designed tools, genuine Apple batteries, and a team of MacBook repair experts. Moreover, it will offer you a warranty on its battery replacement job.


You have to find the best Apple MacBook service centre in your city for battery replacement – especially the one that only uses genuine parts and offers a warranty on its repairs.

It will ensure that your MacBook performance does not suffer due to a shoddy repair job.

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