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7 Proven Things You Can Do To Skyrocket Your SEO

7 Proven Things You Can Do To Skyrocket Your SEO

SEO is a vast subject that it is very difficult to understand where to try its steps. The new advice is always being published by the best practitioners in the industry.

Ranking factors and algorithms of Google or some other search engine are being iterated at a rate more than the top leaders can do.

Guest posting, updating older pages, responsive design, outbound linking, publishing a landing page, influencer outreach, competitor tracking are among the list. Out of these if any works better then others try to make it ordinary.

Now I will show you some proven things to skyrocket your SEO.

1. Use of SSL certificate–

To keep the data of a person visiting your site safe from scam or steal of identity, we need an SSL certificate.

It gives validation and encryption. As several e-commerce websites are used for making online purchases, the Wildcard SSL certificate is very useful to them.

Sites who require to rank well on Google and develop trust in it can use them. It will help to keep your search engine secure. 

2. Good speed of your website–

In order to increase the trust of your website in Google search engine, Your website’s speed must be very good.

It will create fewer problems in searching if it is free from errors and has a fast speed. It is very difficult to increase the website’s speed or make it perform better unless you are a good website developer. You can also check your website speed at Bitcatcha.

3. Use of XML Sitemap–

A sitemap contains the URLs lists of a website and also the URLs metadata. It is basically an XML file. It helps google to understand the structure of your website and also helps in crawling it in a very good manner.

It is very easy to create an XML sitemap, no matter if you are a web developer or not. A plugin called XML sitemaps will help you in doing this.

4. Duplicate content should be removed–

A good content plays a very big role in making the website rank well. So it should not be duplicated because it will not be good for your SEO.

So, you should check the complete website to see if there is any content duplicated or not. It doesn’t matter whether your website is an existing website or a new website but it should be checked.

To check the website’s content duplicacy you can use certain tools like Copyscape, Duplicate content checker, Siteliner.

5. Meta tags should be optimized–

Whether you are searching for something or doing SEO, the meta tags are important for both.

Therefore the content should be solely your creation and not copied and you must be capable of optimizing it in order to obtain the perfect results.

The h1 Meta tags, unique description, and title should be contained on all your website pages. The plugins can help in implementing meta tags.

6. Indirect links and 404 errors should be fixed–

If the website’s link is broken then search engines like google give a 404 error. It means that Google will show less trust in your website. If a user wants to go to a particular website and if it has a broken link then google will not send that user to the website.

A tool called Screaming Frog crawls the website to detect 404 errors on it. We have to use 301 redirects on the broken page to recover from 404 errors. Along with this, you have to fix the indirect links also. The 301 redirect actually redirects you to some other link.

7. Images should be optimized–

Images play a very important role in doing SEO of a website. We need to optimize the alt-tags of our images. The size of the image can also be optimized if we compress it.

When a search engine reads images then the images do not show any information to it.

Google can understand this information if alt-tags of images are optimized. The performance and speed of a website are improved if its images are compressed.

Now you have to implement all the above things and soon you will see that your SEO is skyrocketing. Or you can take the help of some digital marketing experts for doing the same. He will also use similar things as above.

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