What are Yahoo Chat Rooms and Why They Were Discontinued

What are Yahoo Chat Rooms and Why They Were Discontinued

Yahoo has been an important internet services company in the world and they produced some of the most promising products over the years.

Chat rooms were one of the best services they’ve ever created. It was one of the most used services at the time and users were excited about this new service.

But, when they announced that they would be closing down their awesome chat room feature, users were disappointed.

Not all of them, but some were disappointed with the way Yahoo handled things when it comes to Chat Rooms. The reason why they closed down the service was, they were trying to make some room for various Yahoo products.

At the dawn of the internet, we were all excited about the Yahoo chat rooms because they kept us entertained and busy.

But they’ve taken the decision to shut down their services for good. And today we will look at why Yahoo had to take such a decision.

Let’s have a look.

Why Yahoo Excited from Chat Rooms

Well, the real reason for the Yahoo exit from Chat rooms was the low traffic and number of users for the website. Let’s look at the things in detail and that would allow us to make sense of things that transpired in that era.

Yahoo chat rooms were one of the most attractive features an internet company can provide. Because it was the first service that allowed the users to chat anonymously without any identification.

It was going all smooth when in 2005, it came under fire. In 2005, the Yahoo chat rooms feature came under fire when reports of illegal underage sex-themed rooms surfaced the market.

After that happened, advertisers started pulling their ads from the platform and Yahoo couldn’t do a thing. But Yahoo tried to punish those rooms and closed them.

And made sure that there are no such rooms available any more on the platform. But, once users lost interest in Yahoo chat rooms, they were not coming back again.

So, after some time they decided to create a service that will rule the internet for quite some time. And that product was Yahoo Online Messenger, which started at the peak of Yahoo’s prowess.

But it wasn’t like Yahoo chat rooms and required users to sign up with Yahoo and then they were able to communicate with each other. But it was enough to draw quite a lot of people to the platform.

So, Yahoo Messenger kept adding new users and it was destined to be one of the best Messenger apps of all time.

After that debacle in 2005, users started leaving the platform and over time Yahoo couldn’t offer anything to keep the users. The users were leaving the platform in favor of something new and fresh available in the market. It wasn’t to be for Yahoo Chat rooms and that is why Yahoo was forced to make some changes to it.

Yahoo Chat Rooms Are back

After some time, they introduced some new features to the chat rooms and screened people a lot more than regular. So, if there was an issue with the platform, the users were banned from using the platform based on the IP address.

But that didn’t stop the migration of users from chat rooms to other options available in the market. After a few years, it wasn’t viable for Yahoo to keep the service running.

So, they decided to shut down the service and focus on other things in their portfolio. So, Yahoo messenger chat rooms closed for good and they started focusing on the newer version of Yahoo messenger.

Why Yahoo Messenger Failed

Well, Yahoo messenger was one of the firsts in the game along with Yahoo chat rooms. They offered some of the great features at the time and attracted a lot of users.

But they couldn’t sustain the development of the messenger and never adapted to the latest pace of things.

They never moved according to the market and lagged behind other products from newer companies. In 2009, new messaging apps were available to use for people and they started using that in favor of Yahoo messenger.

There are many substitutes for Yahoo messenger such as Telegram, Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Had Yahoo adapted to the mobile platform soon enough, they would have been at the top of the game. But, newer companies like WhatsApp took the advantage of moving first.

Well, this was the story of Yahoo chat rooms and messenger. If you want to know more about both of these products, go to the technology blog.

You will find some interesting and must articles on the platform. They are one of the most used and read technology blogs on the internet and you should check it as well.

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