Why choose Data Science as a Career

Why choose Data Science as a Career

Data science has had a big impact on almost every industry in recent days. For this reason, big data analytics is a priority in all organizations. Here are the top six reasons why you should consider taking a data science course as a career.

1. Demand and requirement for data scientists

In the coming years, the size of the data analytics market is expected to grow from the current tenth to at least a third of the global IT market.

Every business, large or small, requires employees who can understand and synthesize data and communicate those results in ways that benefit the business and help management make decisions.

2. Career development, job prospects, and salaries

There is a dearth of data scientists at all levels, from beginners to freshmen and managers. With the IT industry on the brink of change, his career growth has stalled with many mid-level managers and professionals. Data science is the best option to overcome career decline.

Annual salary increases for analytics professionals in India are on average 50% higher than for other IT professionals. Salary trends for data science professionals around the world indicate positive and exponential growth.

3. Awesome salary trends across the globe

According to a 2018 analysis, the salary increases for the analyst profession in India, on an annual basis, are on average 50% higher than for other professionals in the IT industry.

If you take a closer look at the salary trends of data science professionals internationally, they shows an exponential growth.

4. Promises many job opportunities

A data scientist can work from anywhere in the world. In addition, a data scientist in the technology sector can work in various industries and also in areas from pharmaceutical/healthcare to sales/marketing. You can also work in areas such as consulting, financial services, GICs, and retail.

5. Data science is relatively a new career option

Because the field of data science is relatively new, companies struggle to find an experienced practitioner. Therefore, he works for IT experts from various fields and fields to learn data science and pursue a career in it.

6. Data science jobs are relatively easier to find

As mentioned earlier, since data science is a relatively new field, there is a need for data scientists. There is already a shortage of qualified data scientists, so it’s easier to find a job in data science.

7. Availability of data science courses

Today there are many opportunities for training in data science. There are many institutes that offer data science courses in Noida, Gurgaon, etc.

Electives with courses such as B.Tech (computer science) with data analysis, PG diploma in data analysis, M.Sc. in data science, and many other options for that.

8. Engage in Dynamic And Exciting Tasks

Growing advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics have effectively replaced many of the inferior tasks of data science.

This gives data science professionals many opportunities to focus on more complex, challenging (and ultimately satisfying) tasks.

Promising data scientists expect a multitude of different challenges and unique projects because no two tasks are alike. Experts are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to collect and exploit data – and to stimulate the constant development of cutting-edge ideas, applications, techniques, and even technologies.

9. A Versatile Course

With the data analytics skills required of any company, aspiring data scientists have the advantage of finding work in any industry.

Although the technology industry is currently flourishing (due to increasing development in data mining and machine learning), these skills are increasingly needed in a variety of other fields, including healthcare, mining, agriculture, and science in general. Thanks to data science, these companies can further improve their sales, productivity, and market research.

Data science specialists, therefore, have transferable skills and knowledge – applicable to almost any job, specialization, and industry.

You also don’t need to limit yourself to the role of “data scientist”; Currently, such skills are required in various professions, including statisticians, programmers, computer network specialists, ICT managers, and ICT systems analysts.

10. Ready to Study Data Science?

As mentioned earlier, those looking to explore the growing and challenging data science industry can now easily get started through online or face-to-face training at Data Science Training in Pune. Visit Data Science Training in Pune

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