Why is it Important to Crown Your Tooth after a Root Canal

Why is it Important to Crown Your Tooth after a Root Canal

Who does not love their original tooth?

Just got your root canal done?

Are you wondering how long it would last?

Well, you need not worry about it, once your tooth gets crowned after a root canal. The dental clinics in Kochi Ernakulam would prove the best for you. Several significant reasons are there for you to get your tooth crowned after a root canal. 

If your doctor asks you to get a root canal done, then there is a high chance to even imply that that tooth is worth saving. So better do it with caution and perfection. Get it crowned for protecting it from infection.

Infected Tooth

Why and when do you need a root canal? The situation which calls for a root canal could be when any area in your gums is pulp or is infected. To prevent the spread of the infection from one place, the solution is to get a root canal done.

This allows an opportunity to check which type of nerve damage or additional damage has occurred to your dental health.

The dentist surely can be expected to administer antibiotics in eliminating any lingering traces of the infection before sealing the tooth with a filling and crowning.

Is your Tooth Dying?

Infection kills the tooth, even if the root canal might be done. And thus, the damaged portion must be removed and other teeth need to be protected from infection. As a result, it is the best decision to get the tooth crowned after the root canal.

Why believe in those myths about teeth with infected pulp? Why rely on the root canal to heal on its own? Crowning the tooth would fasten the process of healing after you get a root canal done. The last option should not be that you wish to save most of your dying tooth, depending upon the heavy topical products.

Problem Won’t Go Away

Do you have any idea as to what may happen on leaving your root canal untreated? No doubt, you can eventually lose the tooth. The infected pulp cannot get better on its own.

If you don’t take any steps to cure the problem, then it will most probably lead to more serious problems with the tooth.

The action to solve this problem lies on your part. It further involves making the preparations which have been recommended by your dentist. Also, ensure that you have everything for the recovery period you require.

You should also keep in mind that the soreness you will have would not possibly lead to some tenderness for a time after the root canal.

For some time, you may tolerate the discomfort caused by the root canal. You may even rely on the prescription for some type of pain killer if necessary, but these unnecessary problems can be done away with all at once, simply by crowning the tooth after getting a root canal done.

The pain would get Worse

As it might be well known by now, that the pain would not get healed on its own, the procedure you wish to carry on with is in your hands. The pain you go through during root canal is nothing compared to the pain which might ensue after the infection has spread from one tooth to the other. So getting the tooth crowned after a root canal in the dental clinic in Ernakulam, is highly advisable.

You can overcome minor side effects which may appear over the next day or so. But it is a long term and long-lasting solution.

Greater Risk of a Gum Infection

if that old infected tooth pulp has not been treated then, is ready to invite a greater and much riskier gum infection. It will do more than just damaging the remaining healthy pulp. If you’re wondering what gum infection feel s like, then the degree of discomfort could surprise you.

General Importance

Apart from the specific reasons which ensure perfect crowning of a tooth after the root canal, the other important reasons are here. For protecting the weak tooth from decaying or breaking or holding together parts of a cracked tooth. Even for restoring an already broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn out.

Even for covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling when there are not a lot of teeth left. A dental bridge could be held in place by a dental crown. It also helps in covering mis-shaped or severely discoloured teeth. It also helps in making a cosmetic modification.

Want to Keep Natural Teeth as Long as Possible?

If you are ready to lose a tooth then you would also be ready to go through the immense pain which ensues after a root canal. The infection usually weakens the entire gums and teeth. Don’t let it be too late before it becomes almost impossible to even do a simple extraction. Instead of pulling the tooth, the gum tissue can get ruptured.

You have the option to repair the damaged tooth and to prevent it from further decay. Many of the dentists can accomplish the procedure and also ensure that your tooth looks like a perfectly healthy one. You can expect it to last for a longer time as well.

If you hold this misconception in mind that the filling and the crown has to be replaced, then it sure needs replacement but can be done relatively easily.

Make whatever preparations are needed to ensure you can rest after the work is finished. And you need not hesitate to give yourself an extra day to deal with any post-procedure soreness or pain.

Each time replacing the filling is still viable, to keep that tooth for several more years. That’s better than having to start thinking about bridges, implants, and other replacements for real teeth.

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