Your Game Room Isn’t Complete without These

Your Game Room Isn’t Complete without These

If there is one thing that can be said about gamers, it would probably be that this is the one room in the house they spend the most time in.

Time spent outside the home would almost always be spent at work making money to live the life they love, gaming. However, when it comes to those other 16 hours of the day, much of that time is spent in the little haven they so enjoy.

That’s right. Gamers do love their game rooms now but that doesn’t mean they have everything they need to go from a gamer’s haven to a gamer’s paradise. If your game room doesn’t have these elements, it just isn’t complete!

A Comfortable Gaming Chair

Yes, of course, you have that hi-tech gamer’s chair that sits nicely on the floor, minus legs, that is. But do you have a ‘comfortable’ gaming chair?

Even though those gaming chairs are said to be ergonomically designed and well-suited to the number of hours you will be sitting in them, are they really all that comfortable?

Perhaps what you need is another, more comfortable chair, to switch back and forth with so that you are constantly changing how your weight is distributed.

A memory foam bean bag chair designed and sold by Comfy Sacks can do more than offer comfort, although that is important.

By switching back and forth between that ergonomically designed gaming chair and a memory foam bean bag chair you can be assured that redistribution of body weight while sitting will help prevent stiffness and the accompanying aches.

Your Very Own Gaming Light Show

You would think that all those flashing LED lights would be distracting but gamers will be the first to tell you that they tend to heighten the excitement.

The two most common ways in which LED lights are incorporated into a gaming setup would be in the gaming tower itself and in that awesome gaming keyboard that flashes with the stroke of a key.

Gaming keyboards can be found at affordable prices but if you already spent a small fortune on a PC that didn’t come with gaming LEDs installed, you may wish to add your own. There are affordable, after-market LED strips that can be easily installed on or in your tower.

It doesn’t take a techie to install these colorful strips of RGB LED lights but as a gamer, you are probably somewhat of a techie as well. If your game room doesn’t have at least these two types of lights for gaming, your game room just isn’t complete.

Oversized Mousepad

There’s nothing quite like playing a game with a mouse that suddenly stops communicating with the system. No, it doesn’t have dead batteries and that multi-thousand-dollar computer didn’t freeze.

What happened was that in the excitement of the moment you got carried away and went a bit too far off the edge of that standard sized mousepad.

They do make oversized, extra-large mousepads specifically designed for gamers so that you can get as carried away as you’d like. They are large enough to accommodate that extra burst of energy when you are so close to game point. Why let the enemy win when all you need is a bit more space to work with?

Mini Beverage Fridge

If you are playing a game against the system, it’s no big deal to hit pause for a quick trip to the kitchen for an ice-cold Coke.

However, if you are playing a multi-player game online and you are ‘dying of thirst’ you can’t let your player die if you shoot out to the fridge for a can of soda, failing to dodge a grenade tossed by the enemy.

Not only did you lose your character, but your team would lose points as well. You might have just lost more than the battle for them!

Maybe you blew the entire game all because you couldn’t reach over to that mini fridge for a quick drink to quench your thirst.

Headphone Stand

How much did you say you paid for those gaming headphones again? They are certainly too expensive to leave laying around between games.

So many gamers lament the fact that in their haste to return to the game after a quick bathroom break, they failed to see the headset they tossed on the floor by their chair.

It only takes stepping on them once to render them useless. Even if you live alone and no one else is apt to step on those costly and highly prized headphones, you can be your own worst enemy if you are not careful. Why not invest in a headphone stand to be placed right there next to your gaming chair?

Those Little Odds and Ends

Those are just a few of the elements you may not already have in your gaming setup. However, there are a ton of other little odds and ends you may not have thought of yet.

What about cable ties and combs to keep all your computer wires neatly tucked away. How many times have you tripped over a power cord almost pulling the monitor, PC and everything over in the process?

Remember, the point is to get all those essentials in place so that you can actually enjoy playing your favorite games. Isn’t that what gaming is all about anyway? So, with that said, enjoy!

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