3 Tips for Managing Remote Teams through a Customized and Useful App

3 Tips for Managing Remote Teams through a Customized and Useful App

Managing remote teams during times of pandemic has been nothing short of a miracle for managers. The reason was simple: not everyone can manage remote workers because several factors are involved here.

Some of the workers may have different time zones, the nature of work can also be different and also not everyone can interpret exactly what is being told to him.

Situations and scenarios, like above, make managing a remote team difficult. There are several websites and tools through which line managers and the top management of any company can check on the employees.

The use of an app has been one of the most successful aspects during the last one and half years. And even after the spend a week will be completely over, managing remote teams will always remain a task that needs to be mastered by the supervisors.

Go through this blog as I discuss how mobile apps can be used to perfection. And especially how remote teams can perform better through an app.

What an App can Offer a Person in Managing a Remote Team?

This is the first aspect that most teams look forward to. What businesses need to achieve through an app is transparency in the operation, availability and taking care of the goals that they have set, to name a few.

The transparency aspect is all about checking whether a remote employee is working diligently on his task. And whether it will be completed within a given time.

The availability of a person on an app also makes it worth the investment and taking care of goals is also important.

There should be no vulnerability in the app so that it must work flawlessly. Your remote team members may feel lonely and not connected to the other members of the team who go regularly to the office.

Being in a different time zone can also be difficult for a team to work with such an employee. Surely, the job of a person managing a remote team is anything but easy. That is why an app must be really effective to make the work of a manager easy. 

How to Make a Sound Start?

Think about any other challenges that might be difficult for you to cope with. This is where everything needs to be sorted out perfectly to make sound start.

The app development process must be seriously dealt with, so that everything can work out fine. Do not think that you can just contact any of the app development companies by searching Google and selecting a random company.

Word of mouth is probably the best way to select the company right for you, as the experience of any person in your social circle can be right for you. 

The managers or the higher management must think about how to be productive while managing a team remotely. This can be done as using a mixture of local and remote resources perfectly.

If all the team members are working remotely, then it will be difficult for a person to manage all the tasks. Team members who live close to the office can come for a few hours and work with remote team members.

This will reduce the burden from the manager so that he can focus on other important aspects.

Working with discipline will always bear fruits for any team but this will not be possible before getting to know the capabilities and skills of the remote workers is required.

Even if you think that a person is not performing up to the standard, you should give him some space and time, so that he can start managing his work efficiently and effectively.

And if it is not the case even after giving him some time, then you may remove him from his current duties. 

3. Avoid Gaps in Communication

Communication gap in remote teams is not unusual but this should be dealt with an iron hand. Otherwise it can go out of control and most of the communication will no longer be of any benefit.

Some of my readers may think about this topic as a generic one but it is important. Any hole in communication will ultimately result in poor performance.

Most of the team members will not be able to comprehend exactly what the manager wants from them. The use of an app which can guide all the team members on what is required and how to use the instructions smartly can be the key to success. 

Regular meetings are an important part of how to manage a team. Most managers rely on applications like Zoom and Google hangouts for this purpose.

Think about using an app for this purpose that can make it worth the investment. Research about what are your priorities considering meetings and what you want to achieve with them?

If you have to conduct meetings daily or several times a day, then using an app for this purpose with dedicated options and features will come in handy. 

Avoid Over-Communication

If you are more inclined towards using zoom or any other such app, it is fine. But businesses must always strive for the best and same goes when you can have good features in your app.

The app that you will get can also be used for several other purposes, and online meeting through audio or video is just one of the features. You may wonder why I have mentioned avoiding the over communication and if there is something like our communication in the first place?  

Let me describe my point to you so that you can clearly understand it.

Just like communication is important, over-communication can be lethal for a team. Scenario where you have to get in touch with your team twice every week. And you can always get the work done in this way.

But if you try to get in touch with your team three or four times a week, they will get annoyed. As everything is going to be taken care of in two meetings, this over communication can be very frustrating for every team member. 

These forced meetings will be a burden on your team’s performance. That is why you think how you can use an app efficiently and effectively to save time and not make your team work extra, that is of no use. 

Over to you

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want any clarification about any aspect mentioned here, do not be shy and speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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