6 Best Ways to Earn Money Through Advertising on Blog & Websites

6 Best Ways to Earn Money Through Advertising on Blog & Websites

Undoubtedly, Google Adsense is one of the best go-to sources of income for many bloggers. Most new blogs with some decent traffic set Google ads on their website.

But sometimes Google Adsense becomes an inadequate option for your blog. Here are some examples:

· Your Adsense account doesn't get approved

· You're not satisfied with what you're making and want to explore more ways

· Your account is disabled for reasons unknown to you

Whatever the reason, there are some alternatives to Google Adsense that you can keep handy for the future or use once you've read this post.

Six Ways to make money with Advertising

Here are some of the ways you can use to make money with advertising on your blog.

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Sell your advertising on your blog
  • Sell text links on your blog
  • CPM ad networks
  • Popups
  • Paid reviews
  • The site to earn as a Captcha Typer

Some facts on blogs that make money

Blogging has moved from the tech geeks domain to "new media ". Today 42% of people blogging because it's one of the simple processes to earn money through Google Adsense, get organic traffic, and make money online. 

1.Pay-per-click advertising

Google AdWords is an advertising technique where you can instantly show your ads on the search engine instantly; Google AdWords is also called PPC ADS. It means that Google will charge some amount from the adviser when someone clicks on the ad.

2. Infolinks

It is one of the creative ways to employ in-text promotion on your blog. It offers advertisers a 70% revenue share and follows a PPC (pay-per-click) model. 

Infolinks offer more options like search ads, in-tag ads, and inframe ads. They pay you via various mediums like Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck,

or Western Union once you touch the initial limit of $50 for Paypal or check and $100 for Wire Transfer or WU; it depends on the mode of payment you choose.


Media.net is another alternative to  Google Adsense operated by the Yahoo Bing Network.

The ad's quality is contextual, focusing on essential keywords that take some time before they are enhanced for your site.

As you use this network, the algorithm soon discovers the best keywords for your audience on the basis of the clicks.

Unlike Google Adsense, Media.net assigns an account rep who can also suggest ways to generate revenues from your ads.

The mode of payment is wire transfer or Paypal. The minimum amount for payouts is $100.

4. Chitika

Chitika is another alternative to Google Adsense that only serves contextual ads and offers a CPC feature.

You can customize your ads and use them with, if not instead, Google Adsense without any problems.

The best thing is they have a small minimum of $10 if you get paid via Paypal. If you opt to get paid via check, the amount is $50.

5. Sell ads on your blog.

If you're previously getting good traffic, you should take control of things and sell ads straight on your website.

All you should do is an "Advertise with us" page on your blog listing the formats of ads available and how much it costs monthly.

Make sure you reveal your Alexa rank, Google PageRank, and other traffic information for buyers.

But to save yourself the hassle, you can use the various third-party alternatives to sell ads on your blog. Here are a few:

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an online portal where you can list your ads for others to buy. They don't take low-traffic blogs, so if you're starting, you must wait for at least a few months.

It gives the publishers 75% of the total amount generated, which is quite decent. There is no minimum amount for payouts; you can move money twice monthly to your Paypal account.

7. BlogAds

BlogAds work similarly to BuySellAds. They keep 30% of all sales as their commission. But if you refer new users, you can also earn 15% of the earnings.

8. Sell text links on your blog.

If you get good traffic on your blog, you can try text-link ads where you link a piece of text on your website to a page on a different website.

Before you try these, use the No Follow tag to reduce any possible Google penalty.

9. LinkWorth

LinkWorth is a famous text-link group with options for revolving paid reviews, text ads, etc.

The minimum amount for payouts is $25 if you opt for Paypal, and $100 for Checks, Wire Transfers, and EFT.

10. "Cost per Click" ad networks

We've been looking at mostly CPC (Cost Per Click) model for ads. CPC means the advertisers pay you when someone clicks on their ads. An alternative to CPC is CPM (Cost per Thousand), anywhere you are paid for every 1,000 ad impressions served.

Your income generated with CPC can vary highly, but CPM is different. If your CPM network sets your CPM at$5 per 100,000 reaches, then your revenue generated will be $500 in total when you reach that number.

11. PulsePoint

PulsePoint is one of the popular CPM networks where you can set your CPM prices. To be accepted in their network, your site must have a good amount of original content.

PulsePoint mainly sells to US-based traffic. When setting the price, set a top price than you make on your current network (for example, Google Adsense). If they can't beat that price, your existing network is displayed.

You receive your generated income every 45 days via EFT, Paypal, or check.

Pop-upsMany advertisers and bloggers dislike popup ads, but it's still available as an option. You can show creative ads as pop-ups or pop-unders

12. PopAds

PopAds has many pop-under ads which work appealing well with English-speaking traffic. You set your price and implement regularity.

You can get paid via AlertPay, Paypal, or Wire Transfer and withdraw payments at any time you want. They also have a referral program at 10% of the income generated.

13. Paid reviews

You can make serious money by publishing reviews on various products and services you trust. The best thing about this is you command a price per review.

14. SponsoredReviews

Sponsored Reviews help advertisers to build backlinks, and bloggers make money. It helps bloggers connect with Search Engine Optimizers, Marketers, and Advertisers who want to build good traffic.

You can offer paid writing posts on your blog to their network of hundreds of advertisers. This can be done by setting your price per post and not necessarily having to give positive reviews only.

Payments are made bi-weekly via Paypal.

15. PayU2Blog

PayU2Blog is another alternative for paid blog post writing on your website. Not all blogs are accepted, so you must sign up and wait before you know.

PayU2Blog works quite differently. It assigns you a blog post topic such as real estate, health, retail, etc.

You don't have to write glorious reviews or approve anything if you don't believe in it. Personal experience & honest opinions are what matter.

Payments are made every two weeks via Paypal.

Bonus tip: Use video whenever possible. Tools such as In Video will help you create professional-level videos in minutes with the help of templates.

Over to you

Some are ad networks, and some are sponsored posts and reviews that do not use ads.

There are many other ways to generate income using affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates, so you have a wide range of options.

The secret is to constantly "diversify" your income. And one of the best parts is that most options can be used along with Google Adsense.

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