4 Advantages of Using Custom Printed Retail Packaging for Promotions

4 Advantages of Using Custom Printed Retail Packaging for Promotions

At this moment, there are more than a million traders in the US alone. If you are part of this mega retail industry or are planning to launch a new startup, then you have to think of innovative ideas for brand recognition.

While advertising and digital marketing are on the rise, it is a has-been branding exercise that just keeps the brand in the race.

But if you desire to make your brand the new talk of the town then the products need to be presented in their best form. The outer appearance is the first tangible impact the brand has on potential clients.

Make this your best chance to impose a memorable brand image that clients can retain even after they exit the retail stores.

How do you make the brand different? Invariably it’s the packaging that generates the highest curiosity among buyers.

Studies reveal that about 64% of consumers buy products off the shelf without ever being introduced to the brand.

This makes packaging even more productive than hoardings and expensive advertisements.

No doubt that without apt marketing and brand promotions, the brand cannot become a household name because it is the physical appeal of the products that encourage buyers to take an interest in the brand and purchase it.

Custom printed retail packaging is all about creating a distinguishable brand identity that directly charms the viewers and is the biggest deciding factor for buying a product.

Having packaging that speaks volumes for the brand from the store shelf is a wise investment.

The multiple functionalities of such packaging are that it doesn’t just elevate your retailing powers but also educated consumers of why they should take your brand and not the next one? Moreover, the other elements of the packaging include:

  • Protect your products throughout the transportation procedures
  • Elucidate a trending, interesting, or brand-building story
  • Give valuable information about your product
  • Convince consumers that it’s the right item for them
  • Magnify your unique selling proposition
  • Print instructions to use your products

All these and numerous other multi-layered features of customizable packaging can help be more prominent among other choices.

The secret to successful branding

Now when we have established the advantages of having good packaging, the next possible question you may ask is how to go about doing it?

Well, we have that covered too. Scroll to read all possible ways in which you can achieve that top-grade look for your retail boxes.

Such packaging is 100% modifiable

Adding a personal touch can have a multiplier effect on your brand’s popularity. Brands that have individuality attached to them find it easy to attract new customers and retain the existing ones too.

Whether your products are big or small, the packaging can morph to fit your specifications.

Not just the designs and colours but the most suitable materials can also be chosen from the wide plethora of choices.

Conveniently add whatever feature you desire to make the packages an extension of your brand. The choices are limitless!

Make the packaging a gateway to your brand

An effective packaging inspires 50% of customers to recommend your brand to others. This type of marketing is the most constructive and costs nothing extra too.

Satisfied customers tend to post good reviews about your products on social media, order again, and compel others to do the same. Customers indulge in compulsive purchases if they like a product while shopping.

The packaging allures them to add the item to their frequent shopping lists and become loyal to the brand.

Other marketing tools appear for a slated time but packaging keeps communicating effectively to every shopper who passes by it at supermarkets.

Increase perceived brand value

Premium product packaging increases the product’s value. And, 44% of consumers agree that premium packaging reinforces the value of a product. So, high-quality custom printed retail packaging makes your product and brand appear more valuable.

For a small investment, you can improve profit margins by charging more for the same thing. All while improving your customer’s shopping experience and convincing them to repeat purchases.

Use packaging material that elevated branding

Nowadays, customers are very careful about their purchase materials and the impact they have on the planet. Choosing recyclable and bio-degradable packaging can work strongly for your brand image while falling easy on your pockets.

Certain materials make for customer’s wish lists and they prefer to buy products packaged in such cartons or boxes.

So, it is a good idea to package your products accordingly to make the most of this unique chance to make your brand look perfectly aligned to customer expectations.

Get packaging for all product types

No matter what products your trade-in. There is a packaging solution for all your needs. CBD packaging, custom makeup packaging, food boxes, and any other product packaging is available right at your doorstep.

You just have to pick the ones that you deem appropriate for your brand identity. Just ensure that the packaging meets the following criteria:

  • Enables your products to stand out on the retail shelves
  • Protect your products from dust and wear & tear
  • Push target customers to take a closer look
  • Project the value of your brand and product lines
  • Prove to be an alluring extension of your brand


Knowing your brand and what it stands for generates the most constructive packaging that aids in educating and engrossing customers about your brand profitably.

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