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YouTube SEO How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google. When people want to learn a new skill or be entertained, YouTube is the place that a lot of people end up going to.

It makes sense for businesses and individuals to build up a brand on YouTube. But getting views on YouTube can be challenging. The competition on YouTube for specific niches is growing in ferocity per day.

If you want your YouTube videos to get as many views as possible, you will have to create unique and engaging content.

That used to be enough in the past. If you want views on YouTube now, you will need to concentrate on YouTube SEO as well as on your content.

Follow the advice below to get more views on your YouTube videos:

1. Find the right keywords for your video

  • A great SEO strategy always with in-depth research. A large part of that research is focused on finding the right keywords.
  • With the right keywords, you’ll be in a position to answer questions that your audience is looking for. Proper research keywords will help you get in front of your audience in the most effective way possible.
  • You should know that the vast majority of people use YouTube to look for guides and how-to videos. A keyword along those lines would be a great place to start.
  • Make sure to look at the videos your competition is posting and analyze them. What kind of keywords is your competition using? See if you can make similar content with those keywords.

2. Make interesting content

  • This might seem obvious, but a lot of new people make this mistake.
  • To make your content enjoyable, have a plan, and a script for the video.
  • Make sure to include great visuals and audio. Understand your audience to create great content which caters their needs.
  • You can use live chat app for the website to have chat with your visitors and to gain a better understanding of their problems.
  • If you want your viewers to have a great experience, pay attention to the sound. Maybe add some background music.
  • This is something that you’ll have to experiment with and figure out what works best for your videos.
  • These days, you don’t need a lot of equipment to make quality YouTube videos.
  • All you need is a smartphone and decent editing software to get started.
  • Make incremental improvements in your gear, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money.
  • Avoid stock photos, unless you’re funnily using them.
  • Also, you wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if you try to make evergreen content.
  • Just make sure to create content that will stay relevant for the foreseeable future.
  • If you want to concentrate on making trendy or seasonal content, make sure you produce and publish those videos as soon as possible.
  • That will give you a head start, very beneficial if you’re aiming to get a ton of views.

3. Use longer videos

  • Using longer video content has to do a lot with YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Some people can generate a lot of views while sticking to short content, but these people already have a significant following and can push their videos on their own.
  • If you’re starting right now, it is best to create a longer video. Ideally, your video should be around ten minutes, but that depends if you can provide maximum value at that time.
  • Also, you need to keep in mind that when creating long content, you should make sure that it engages your audience.
  • Long content that is not able to capture the attention of your audience is less valuable than short content that resonates with your audience on a profound level.
  • Make detailed videos but distribute the content in a way that your audience will find palatable. Do that, and your views will grow exponentially.

4. Make proper use of tags

  • Tags are a great way to let YouTube know what your video is about.
  • You have around 400 characters for tags. To make the most out of your
  • YT tags, you need to enter tags that are doing well for the type of video that you are posting.
  • Tags are where your keyword research will come into play.
  • Using the best keywords and their most valuable variations will help you improve your YouTube SEO.
  • Make good use of the video tags as it will help get your video in front of more people. Giving you a chance to get more views on your videos.

5. Optimize your video descriptions and title

  • Optimizing descriptions is a YouTube SEO tactic that some people choose to ignore completely.
  • YouTube videos can have a description of 5000 characters. Make sure to use this space and let your audience know what your video is about.
  • Include relevant keywords in your description, as it will help with the YouTube algorithm.
  • Also, make sure that you highlight exciting parts of your videos with timestamps.
  • That will be a real help to your audience who might not want to watch the entire video for one small thing.
  • Your video description is another great way to include relevant links with your video.
  • You can attach affiliate links to products that you find relevant and helpful to your audience.
  • Your YouTube video’s title is another important part of your overall SEO efforts.
  • When selecting a title for your video, use something that your audience will be searching for.
  • Something that pops into their minds, their first thoughts.
  • Once you find a title that your audience will be searching for, try inserting a relevant keyword that you want to rank for.
  • You want to make sure that your YT title looks as natural as possible.

6. Drive traffic to your YouTube videos

  • Again, driving traffic to your YouTube videos seems like the obvious thing to do if you want to increase views, but where do you start?
  • Always make sure to ask your audience to like, comment, and share your video with other people in their circles on different social media platforms.
  • Getting social shares is a small form of validation for the YouTube algorithm.
  • Through social shares, your video is getting in front of more people, increasing your chances of video views with every single social share.

Make interesting End screens or outro videos where you can ask your audiences to watch your other videos on your channel. You can also use online outro videos maker tools or outro maker app to create stunning outro videos.

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YouTube SEO is not a difficult thing to master. All you need to do is make small but constant improvements to your videos, and you will be on the path to success.

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