7 Best Ski Destinations for Family Trip in This Winter

7 Best Ski Destinations for Family Trip in This Winter

It’s a tall order to plan the perfect ski vacation for the entire family. While some kids would like to go snowshoeing, others may enjoy racing downhill.

There might be times when the kids might want to take a break from all that snow and splash about in the water park. Roast marshmallows by night? Why not—that’s an option too.

We present seven ski resorts that kids from the ages of four to 14 would love to do at the best ski resorts. Older kids might like to ski on the challenging terrains, while the others could take lessons on the gentler slopes. So, here we go.

#1. Aspen Snowmass: Aspen, Colorado

This ski destination is more than a fantastic ski destination. It is known to be the choice of the sophisticated and rich and houses amazing ski schools and gourmet restaurants. It is close to the upscale mining town of Aspen in Colorado, USA.

It is the largest of the four sister mountain resorts and is famous for its four-lane tubing hill which can be approached by a lift too. It’s just right for kids aged four to 14 at Elk Camp.

Every Friday night beginning mid-December, there are tons of activities here for kids and families. Kids and their parents can make s’mores around bonfires, and go snow biking, ice skating, snowshoeing, dancing and playing in the snow.

There’s also a childcare center on a treehouse theme and lots of lodging available.

For teens, the pass and free shuttle service to the four mountains make for some adventure. Plus, it allows them to ski on Buttermilk.

#2. Baqueira-Beret: Lérida, Spain Pyrenees

Up in the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain, you’ll find Baqueira-Beret, a chic ski resort roughly 170 miles away from Barcelona, Spain. It has three peaks that are suitable for people of different abilities, so it’s great for kids, whether novice or pro.

This ski destination ranges from 1500-2510 meters in elevation and offers 143 km of pristine skiing. If you need to be outfitted for skiing, you can get your gear here on hire.

This destination is known to be the choice of Spanish royalty. It also has a heli-ski in operation here, so if you’re adventurous, you can go to the tougher slopes too.

There’s a lot of nightlife here for families such as fine dining, swimming, relaxing in the spa and much more. The Baqueira Children’s Park is also worth a visit with its beautifully landscaped terrain, just right for kids aged two years to seven.

#3. Crystal Mountain: Thompsonville, Michigan

One of the best alpine resorts in the Midwest, Crystal Mountain is barely 14 miles east of Lake Michigan. At 7,012 feet, it has manageable terrain, particularly for kids.

Kids will find it enjoyable to have run in the woods or take fast racing courses, and equally fast chairlifts. Here, there are 58 trails with a range of terrain and eight lifts with easy access to one green run for novices.

Families can go ice skating, cross-country skiing, take carriage rides, and go snowshoeing on 80 acres of ground. There’s also a spa and a charming village with ample lodging.

Night skiing is also possible while kids can participate in campfires and see movies. For adults, fine dining options and the local pub, Thistle Pub are evening time attractions.

#4. Deer Valley Resort: Park City, Utah

At 6,700 feet, Deer Valley Resort throws open lots of opportunities for family time. Just because you come with your kids here to ski doesn’t mean you do just that and nothing more. This resort also has several other things to do so kids don’t get bored.

Situated barely 36 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport, kids can attend the Deer Valley Ski School where they learn to ski fearlessly. The Children’s Center is another place where they can have fun doing things in groups—playing indoors or outdoors, singing, reading, storytelling, you name it.

Snowmobiling, ice skating and dogsledding are two more snow sports your kids will love. Roasting marshmallows around the fire and playing board games can be a lot of family fun.

#5. Keystone, Colorado

Located in Keystone, Colorado, this ski resort has an elevation of 2829 meters. It offers skiing opportunities at varying levels on its three mountains, Dercum Mountain, North Peak, the Outback, and five Bowls. It is a kid-centric skiing resort, so your kids won’t get bored after a few days of skiing.

Kids under 12 can ski free here. And not just that, they can learn to ski at Camp Keystone, apart from other activities. They can indulge in snow tubing, ice skating and play in the huge ice structure at the top of Decorum Mountain. 

#6. Park City Mountain Resort – Park City, Utah

Situated in Salt Lake City, this resort is easily accessible in less than an hour. You can visit the Park City Mountain Resort and try any of its more than 300 trails, 7,300 acres of skiing ground and 41 lifts.

Little kids aged three and more can enjoy themselves at the seven snow tubing lanes at Gorgoza Park. Older kids aged six to 12 can go mini snowmobiling while kids under eight years can ride a tubing carousel. In fact, you can get the best snowboard here for your kids.

But that’s not all. You can enjoy some family fun on Main Street where there are lots of shops and kid-friendly eateries. Learn all about mining in this town at the Park City Museum and do go to the Bear Bench and pose for a snap with Franz the Bear.

#7. Grand Targhee Resort: Alta, Wyoming

With 500 inches of fresh powder, this resort is where everyone wants to be. Families love it for its childcare center and free skiing for kids five years and under, while older kids get a 25% discount for tickets bought online. This resort has great snow, superb terrain, the best mountain biking, and unparalleled hospitality. 


If your family enjoys skiing, there are many destinations to choose from—each with its own bunch of activities for adults and kids. For all the fun you can have here, it’s well worth making bookings with a ski resort of your choice well in advance.

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