KARERI LAKE: An enchanting and beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh

KARERI LAKE: An enchanting and beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh holds a lot of beautiful adventures in it. From the famous Triund to the toughest Indrahar Pass, Himachal has every type of adventure trek for everyone.

Another alluring adventure nestled in the Dhauladhar ranges is the Kareri Lake trek. Kareri lake is an alpine high altitude lake that offers great scenic and serene beauty of nature. The lake is perched at an elevation of 2,950m above sea level.

Kareri lake is one of the freshwater lakes in Himachal Pradesh. The melting snow of the Dhauladhar ranges feeds the lake or is the main source of water for the lake. 

The trek starts from Mcleodganj, Dharamshala and further leads to Kareri Village. The trek will take you through the snowy lush green meadows, dense forests of rhododendrons and oaks, and tricky passes.

The total trek is 25km and considered an easy to moderate trek which can be covered in 2 days. Kareri Lake also serves as a base camp for the Minkani pass and Baleni pass trek.

Kareri lake is a less explored destination in the Himalayas. The water of the lake is crystal clear and shows reflections of the snow-capped peaks around. A gradual descend from Kareri village with tricky, muddy, and narrow paths will take you to the alpine lake.

Experience and catch the majestic views of the Dhauladhar ranges and widespread green pastures of lands near the lake. You will also spot the Shiva temple at the top overlooking the lake.

Camping near the lake is another great experience you can have on the trek. Watch the star-glanced night and get lost in the beauty of the serene surroundings. 

 A short trek will offer a lot and can be done with no experience of trekking. The weather remains chilly on summer nights. 

Best time to visit Kareri Lake: 

Kareri lake offers serene beauty the whole year. The best time to visit Kareri lake is in the summer and post-monsoon months. The lake trek got inaccessible in the winter months due to heavy snowfall and extreme climatic conditions.

April is great to visit Kareri lake and witness the blooming beauty of rhododendron flowers. In monsoons, the trek becomes difficult and the trail gets muddy. Experience lush greenery and the beauty of the place after monsoons. 

How to reach?

Dharamshala is the nearest town to Kareri lake trek. Dharamshala is well-connected to all the cities and towns of Himachal Pradesh.

The nearest airport is the Gaggal airport at a distance of 13km from Dharamshala. Take a direct flight from Delhi and reach Dharamshala.

A lot of buses are available from Delhi and Chandigarh to Dharamshala. You can also take a private cab and reach Dharamshala.

The nearest railhead is the Pathankot railway station. Take a direct train from Delhi and then a taxi or bus to reach Dharamshala.

Kareri village is just 27km from Dharamshala. Take a taxi or bus to reach the village or else you can do a trek from Mcleodganj. 

Some quick facts and general travel tips:

  • The trek to Kareri village is an easy to moderate one and suitable for fit beginners. You can stay at Rioti village and Kareri village.
  • There are no stay options available at Kareri Lake. Camping is the only option to stay near the tent. Take all the camping gear. It can be too cold near the lake, you might as well come back to the village.
  • It is always a good option to start the trek early and reach the destination at a particular time.
  • Always choose a good tour operator and a certified guide with you on the trek.
  • Kareri lake gets frozen in the winter months and it is advised to take proper safety measures and be prepared for the trek.
  • Be a responsible traveler. Do not litter and keep the surroundings clean and green.
  • Do not wander alone. Always stay in a group.
  • Pack carefully and do not carry unnecessary stuff.

Follow the instructions of your trek leader.

  • Respect the norms and beliefs of the place you are traveling to and show respect to the locals.
  • Always carry important ID proofs.
  • If you have asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., it is highly advisable not to do high-altitude treks.
  • Always carry something to eat with you and a water bottle.

Kareri lake trek is an amazing adventure that you can easily explore in 2-3 days. A perfect weekend trek that offers the best of nature.

The tranquillity and serene surroundings and alluring views will amaze you. Plan a trip in the Dhauladhars and spend some days in the laps of nature. 


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