Best Music Apps To Listen Your Favourite Audio On The Go

Best Music Apps To Listen Your Favourite Audio On The Go

Google Play Store and the App Store can provide you with quite a lot of music players that are most popularly known as Music Apps. But as we are quite aware of the fact that not all of these apps are that great.

So here are some of the best music apps that you can get on your phone now and start listening.

Best Music Apps:

1. Spotify:

This might probably be the best music app on the list. The app comes with an easy to use UI and tons of music tracks. Along with songs, you will also be able to listen to the podcast.

This is a freemium app, so you don’t have to worry about making any sort of payment. But the free version comes with ads, and you can quite easily expect ads to be a bit frequent.

Apart from that, on the version, you can make playlists of songs that you like and save them accordingly. The paid version is free of ads, and along with making playlists, you can also download songs.

2. Apple Music:

Almost all the products that are made by Apple end up as the best products, and this app is none the less. Though this was made for Apple devices, it can be used on Android devices as well.

Apple Music has a huge library of songs, and almost all new songs are released here. The App UI is very neat, and the new dark mode on the iOS devices makes it all the more attractive.

The only problem with this app is that to listen to music on this app, and you need to purchase an Apple subscription every month. But you can still add downloaded music to your iPhone storage and listen to them using this.

3. YouTube Music:

We are quite aware of the fact that YouTube comes with a huge video library, one can easily say that all songs are available on YouTube.

So, this a music player that has been introduced by YouTube, and all music that is there on YouTube is available on this as well.

It has a great user interface, and just like the video app, it is quite easy to search and find music on this app as well.

The only problem with this app is that you won’t be able to minimize it on your phone just its video app. But if you purchase their subscription, then you will be able to minimize it.

4. Google Play Music:

This is one of the first music apps to be ever launched, and this app is available in almost all over the world.

It has a huge library of songs and music that you can save and listen to them accordingly.

The UI of the app is very simple, and you can browse through the app with ease. There have been rumours that the app might stop working as Google is planning to discontinue it and quite a lot of users are moving their libraries to YouTube music.

5. Bandcamp:

Another great app, but this is not like your traditional music app. This app comes with a feature that lets Artists upload music to it and then sell it along with that.

The app has a great UI, and you can listen to songs here are purchase them as well. One of the most loveable features of this app is the fact that you can send purchased music as gifts to others.

Apart from that, you can save music to your Wish list as well. If you are an artist, then you upload your music here for free, You can also upload music files converted from YouTube videos. But in case of any sale, the company will deduct a 15% commission.

5. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is quite a unique app when it comes to listening to music. It lets you listen to songs on it and along with that you can also upload music as well. The app is quite similar to Band camp and is a great platform for music creators.

This app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store. Sound Cloud has a unique and easy to use UI that make it way better than most similar kind of platforms.

So, there you have it, these are some of the best music apps that you can get your hands. There are other apps apart from these, but as we said, these are the best apps when it comes to music.

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