Best Video Conferencing Software: Paid and Free Solutions for Business

Best Video Conferencing Software: Paid and Free Solutions for Business

In order to effectively do work by being in one place and stay connected with business party people and clients; video conferencing software (online collaboration tools) is a must. 

Video conferencing has become a popular marketing tool as it supports employees for holding ‘Webinars’ and other ‘Online’ events; in a way, this will cut down the possibility of unnecessary travel between sites for meetings. Therefore, here, we list the best of 5 Video Conferencing Software of 2020.

Paid Online Video Conferencing Software:

1. GoToMeeting:

Provided by LogMeIn, ‘GoToMeeting’ is the web conferencing service to provide video and audio conferencing along with the screen sharing option.

It is a mobile-friendly online conferencing software package that lets users meet other employees, customers, clients and even colleagues for that matter through the use of the Internet.

And, with the most basic price range of $14 per month, or $12 per month; it has all the standard features.

2. CyberLink U Meeting:

Based on Taiwanese multimedia software company, Cyber Link U Meeting video conferencing software was founded back in the year 1996.

It provides the users, the quality and no-lag online webinar and meeting solutions for better interactions and higher engagements.

Talking about its price plan then cyber link u meeting has four pricing plans:

  1. It’s Basic’ plan is free and includes up to 25 participants for the time of 30 minutes.
  2. It’s Pro 50’ plan is $29.99 per month and includes up to 50 participants for 24 hours time limit.
  3. It’s Pro 100’ plan starts at $49.99 per user and includes more than 100 participants for up to one-day time limit.
  4. Lastly, its ‘Enterprise Features’ plan offers premium customer support and end to end encryption along with all the features of the other three previous plans.

Free Online Video Conferencing Software:

1. Google Hangouts Meet:

Google Hangouts is a free video-conferencing tool that provides a great conference calling option for businesses. Using Google Hangouts, as many as 10 contacts connect together and not only that, it allows for ongoing group chats between a total of 150 people.

Also, it provides free conference calling features like call recording and the ability to mute or un-mute callers, etc.

2. Cisco Webex Meetings:

Secured by TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption, Cisco Webex is designed for all types of business and its performance is quite impressive. Its free package includes cloud storage of 1GB, an endless number of unlimited length meetings and the ability to make MP4 recordings.

3. Zoom Meeting:

Having security with 256-bit TLS encryption, Zoom video conferencing provides group calling, messaging, and online meetings solution for the financial, educational, health care, and government sectors.

Its free version holds single and group meetings with 100 people for the limit of 40 minutes.

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