Easy Ways You Can Turn Desert Tour From Marrakech Into Success

Easy Ways You Can Turn Desert Tour From Marrakech Into Success

Marrakech is one of the oldest, biggest desert tour from marrakechand most beautiful cities in Morocco. Marrakech is an oasis in the arid plains of North Africa. No trip to Northern Africa is complete without Marrakech.

This 1000 years old city has some of the most gorgeous architecture in the world and whether you are in the mood for outstanding views, lively dance, ride on camelback or a great food this city has everything. It is a UNESCO world heritage for a reason.

Whether you are a traveller on a budget or want a luxury travel experience a Morocco dream vacation is quite a convenient option. A vacation desert tour from marrakech also lends an opportunity to expand your cultural horizon.

Things to expect from Marrakech


In Marrakech, you will hear many languages like English, French, Berber, Spanish and Arabic.


Morocco uses dirhams, and one US dollar will get you about 11 pf them. Also spending cash is a lot more convenient.


Morocco is a Muslim country so whatever is related to the religion practised here. Also, there is a holiday on every Friday.

Things to do in Marrakech

1) Take a day trip up to the mountains of lmlil

The beige shared cabs parked just down from Jemma El Fenna can get up to the Atlas Mountains in an hour. There you can breathe in the mountain air and walk around Berber villages. Also, you can trek up to the Toubkal, the highest peak in Africa.

2) Visit 1000 years of history

Go to Koutoubia Mosque, Ben Youssef Madrassa Islamic College’s also hand in hand go through El Badi Palace. Explore the grounds of Menara Gardens.

3) Explore two gateways of Sahara desert

Zagora and Merzouga are two gateway town of Moroccan Sahara. Zagora is in pre-Saharan steppes, is about 228 miles/360 km. from Marrakech. And Merjouga has the shifting orange sand and rolling dunes from Sahara but is about 560 km. from Marrakech.

4) Participate in the activities of the Jma El-Fna

Famous square of Marrakech is the kind of place that makes you feel like as if you are in another world. Lots of daily activities take place that you will get caught up in excitement.

5) Souk Cuisine

Food is a huge part of Moroccan culture, and the course is fab away to become familiar with the nation and its traditions. You will likewise make a portion of the tanginess in the town.

Tips to travel in Marrakech

1) Use common sense

This goes pretty much every country you go to,also in Morocco be sensible. Do not drink too much alcohol because its overpriced. And even if you have behaved properly just like as if you are home. Search the dangerous neighbourhood and stay away from them.

2) Opt for shuttle services

Some hotels have free shuttle bus services that will take to the city centre and back throughout the day. I would recommend checking for this when booking your hotel. Otherwise, it could get quite difficult to get into the old and new medinas. Also using shuttle services will not lead to pickpocketing as it happens in public transport.

3) Bargain

Many shopkeepers will try to rip you off. But the good thing is you can find the same stuff in another shop. As a lot of shop sells the same stuff.

4) Be prepared for unprepared weather

marrakech desert is hot and extremely hot in summers but it is also quite cold at times. Do not depend on weather forecasts.

5) Photos

Do not take photos of locals without any permission for the cultural reason and it might lend you in some issues.

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