Five Famous Nightclubs In Cebu City For A Lively Night Out

Five Famous Nightclubs In Cebu City For A Lively Night Out

Cebu City, the second capital of the Philippines and the second-largest city on the island is also the main destination (only next to Manila) for an invigorating night scene with buzzing night clubs.

Most of the famous nightclubs in Cebu city are amassed along Mango Avenue, Mango Square, and International Bar Complex. Cebu city is a sort of heaven for party people. If you are searching for a destination to execute your partying plans, book flights to Cebu city.

Discover the throbbing nightlife at bars, pubs, and nightclubs, late-night restaurants, live music venues and casinos in the ultra-modern Cebu City.

Walk into the bars and clubs for limitless entertainment. Consider these popular nightclubs in Cebu city for exciting night activities.

1. Liv Super club

Located at City Time Square and 5 km away from Mandaue City, Liv Super club is a large and recently constructed nightclub in Cebu city. Specifically attracting visitors in groups, this high-class night club has a huge stage for the DJ, a relatively small dance floor, bar in the center, many tables and sofas, fancy lighting and Philippine girl gangs!

Commercial EDM is played and a reputed international DJ is invited to rock the floor at least once every two months.

1.1 Entrance fee: Free on Wednesday, Thursday and 300 Pesos on Friday and Saturday
1.2 Timings: 8:30 pm to 4:00 am from Wednesday to Saturday

2. Club Holic:

A right turn on the second floor of Mango Square takes you to Club Holic. If you want to experience a typical club nightlife involving partying, dancing and boozing without a hole in your pocket, then Club Holic will be a welcoming treat.

You will find a majority of youngsters among the crowd grooving to the EDM, Hip Hop or R&B music played to suit the night. The spacious and free dance floor, well-arranged bar stools, tables, couches and the friendly atmosphere, most importantly the availability of cheap beer makes Club Holic a popular nightclub in Cebu city.

2.1 Entrance fee: 100 Pesos on Friday & Saturday; no fee on the other days
2.2 Timings: 9:00 pm to 5:00 am

3. OQtagon by J. Ave:

If you love to party in an upscale nightclub furnished with the latest decor, lighting and sound technologies, then you must join the crowd at OQtagon by J. Ave. Located on Meerea High Street, Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City.

It is a popular international nightclub in Cebu city. The large space inside the club boasts of 40 cocktail tables, 36 VIP lounges, a VIP area, and a sky lounge.

It is often crowded with foreigners, especially, Koreans and Japanese. The best of local and international DJs perform at this club and EDM music is echoed in the rooms.

3.1 Entrance fee: 100 Pesos from Monday to Thursday; 200 Pesos from Friday to Sunday
3.2 Timings: 9:00 pm to 7:00 am

4. MO2 Restobar

This is the only night club that plays live music on our list of nightclubs in Cebu city. If you cannot get tired of partying every day, then visiting MO2 Restobar frequently is not boring either.

Further, it adds new themes to your parties with fresh music and songs played by a different band each day. Located in Mandaue City, MO2 Restobar is the trendiest all-in-one place to hang out during the night time.

We call it all-in-one because it is a bar, restaurant, disco and also a nightclub. So, you know what to expect here. You can booze, have food, dance in their disco room, party all night, play pool or just sit and relax.

4.1 Gate fee: 250 pesos
4.2 Timings: 6:00 pm to 3:00 am

5. Club Hype:

One more affordable nightclub in Cebu city is Club Hype located near Mango Square. The famous dance club is small but loud with commercial music played by DJs and a slightly dark dance floor.

The most common visitors to this club are young and middle-class Filipinos, besides foreigners.

Although busy during the weekend, this small club is not as much crammed as other nightclubs like Liv or OQtagon, so you can party without accidental bumps and jolts or any kind of interruption up to 6 in the morning!
5.1 Gate fee: 100 pesos
5.2 Timings: 8.30 pm to 6:00 am

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