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Here Are The Top 5 Buildings To Rent An Office In Dubai

Here Are The Top 5 Buildings To Rent An Office In Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Tower is referred to be the free zone as well as it is a popular choice in terms of a business owner as well as residents that are looking for a community where they might live and work as well.

People are mostly fond of UAE Jobs thus; it makes the city even more popular for foreign travellers.

In terms of business owners who are probably, looking to capitalize on the thriving business environment then JLT is the right choice for you.

Therefore, this article is useful for those who are looking for a commercial building in order to rent offices.

Reason to rent an office in JLT

The reason people are more attracted to opt for jobs in Dubai is the spectacular buildings with waterfront views.

Therefore, a person intends to get a diverse range of leisure options as well as along with significant multipurpose facilities with ample amenities.

However, the community of the Jumeirah Lake Tower is significantly growing the most popular neighbourhoods within the city.

Although, it is seen that it is a free zone where its proximity in terms of a significant business hub for instance Dubai Media City as well as the Dubai Internet City.

Hence, it is one of the most significant places where it is seen most people are attracted.

On the other hand, it is also seen that the lifestyle of Jumeirah Lake Tower is mostly urban as well as fast-paced thus it eventually makes it a significant environment in order to thrive business.

Therefore, some of the other commercial buildings are popular for renting commercial space.

1. Jumeirah business centre

Jumeirah Business Centre is referred to be significant and the most popular tower among the job seekers in the UAE.

It is the place where most of the people intend to rent office space because it consists of five different freehold commercial buildings in Jumeirah Lake Tower from the respective of Jumeirah Business Centre 1to the Jumeirah Business Centre 5.

However, Jumeirah Business Centresoften offers a significant range of offices that are out for rent along with state of the art in interior parts as well as significant views.

However, it is seen that office space in Jumeirah Business Centre towers also can be customized in order to accommodate the individual business requirements.

It is further noticed that JLT also has its best gyms along with large supermarkets, coffee shops as well as restaurants these are the few basic attraction for accepting jobs in Dubai.

Furthermore, it is also seen that amenities are eventually located approximately the magnificent buildings that are further added to its allure.

However, it also available at a significant price that intends to stand for AED 96K per year.

2. Mazaya business avenues

The other most efficient building is the Mazaya Business Avenues in the Jumeirah Lake Tower and therefore it ranks to be second while e ranks the top building in order to rent an office in the JLT by the UAE job seekers.

On the other hand, the Mazaya Business Avenue mostly comprises of three different commercial towers these are located on the First Al Khail street that intends to offer significant accessibility.

The office space is a great attraction here, as it eventually comprises of the modern interior as well as the buildings glass intends to offer a stunning view of the lake.

It is further seen that almost three high-rise towers can significantly be equipped with all the range of facilities that also includes meeting rooms, the cafes shop and others as well.

The Oakfield Early Learning Centre is also situated within this building. However, it is further seen that nurseries in JLT provide significant daycares facilities.

In case you are looking for jobs in the UAE you can look for this office space in the building that provides you with the facilities where working parents also have significant advantages. Hence, the minimum rent that you can pay is AED 96K yearly.

3. Jumeirah bay X2

Jumeirah Bay X2 intends to be ranked at the third position in case you are wondering about the office rentals within JLT.

It is located in the entrance for the Jumeirah Lake Towers thus the Jumeirah Bay X2 in terms of cluster X is termed to be the most prestigious building in order to rent an office in the Jumeirah Lake Tower.

The building itself consists of 42 storey buildings that will provide you with a panoramic view in Dubai Skyline intends to enhance the magnificence of the place which is most sought in terms of a commercial building in Dubai.

The Jumeirah Bay X2 is probably located in proximity in terms of waterfront cafes for instance Costa Coffee.

On the other hand, you can also find daycare centers that provide greater advantages to working parents. It also intends to have a fully equipped gym that is functional 24 hours.

It is further seen that the most popular commercial building is guarded with clock security, the higher speed elevators also conference rooms are available. The office rent in Jumeirah Bay X2 is available at AED 55K per annum.

4. Almas tower

Almas Tower is the other most significant building for the UAE job seekers to rent offices in JLT. It is referred to be the most exclusive and most popular commercial building that is located on its specific island.

It is the tallest skyscraper thus a crown jewel on the JLT.
It intends to have several restaurants as well as cafes on the ground floor that also has indoor as well as outdoor options for dining.

Hence, you can significantly rent the commercial space for AED 190K annually.

5. Preatoni tower

It is the last building on the list to rent an office in JLT. It is also referred to be the Dubai Star Tower that also helps to rent an apartment as well.

It is probably a 46-storey project and thus it is referred to be the biggest real estate in the region. Therefore, you can always rent the property for AED 45K.

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