How Can I Record A Skype Call Secretly On Mobile And Desktop

How Can I Record A Skype Call Secretly On Mobile And Desktop

One of the most authentic and the most durable chat websites and applications that are known for connecting people from all over the world through video facility is Skype.

It is the oldest source of video calls through which you can ever call or chat on a routine basis through your desktop or smartphones.

However, Instagram live videos getting more popular nowadays, there can be moments when you are away from home and an important occasion is broadcasted to you on a video call.

The wish to capture that moment forever can come to your heart and for that, you have to record your Skype call.

In this article, we’ll find out ways of recording calls through Skype via phones and computers.

Recording videos on Skype

Skype is a very primitive and restricted program that doesn’t have the feature to record the video itself.

However, you can find some special software which can assist you for that matter. They can offer easy screen recording accessible on Android, IPhone, and desktop too.

How to Record on Windows 10

There are different inconveniences that have been suffered by the users when recording the Skype calls via an application.

The major difficulty is that the recording notification pops up on both the screen, letting the other user know that the screen is being recorded and you can secretly tape it.

Secondly, if you don’t save the recorded video, there may be a chance that it gets lost and disappears.

So, it is always wise to go for the better and more feasible approach for recording like QuickTime Player. This application comes with multiple features, letting you capture the side or part of the screen you want.

Not only that but the audio is clearly submerged into the video and is being provided separately too. You have to follow some steps to record easily.

Setup and Install the QuickTime Player on your desktop. After complete installation, go to the file tap, and click New Screen Recording.

You can see a small icon with a record button. Next, just select the built-in input and go for the internet microphone.

You are now free to record on Skype after then you can save your recording in no time without the fear of disappearing.

How to Record on iPhone or Android

Now, if you want to record your IPhone or Android Skype call then we have the solution as well. There is a well-reputed application that lets you record the screen without even letting the other person know.

On Android

If you’re an Android user, recording calls won’t be a problem, you can simply get the free application called Cube Call Recorder which lets you record calls from different platforms and auto or manually record those calls. The recording process needs a few steps to work.

Simply Install the application Cube Call Recorder and after the appearance of the dialogue box click on allow for letting the application work properly. This will access your contact list, microphone, audio recording, etc.

After that, you can adjust the setting where you can let the calls be automatically recorded or manually.

Now, tap on the microphone icon to record the audio as well. Next, whenever you have your Skype call, tap the purple button and after finishing, you can get the recorded file within the application which you can save afterward.

On iPhone

Now for IPhone, Open your control center from there you can find the recording button. If not, you can find the screen recording option in Settings as well.

Just tap on it before attending your skype call and you can record the call without any fear of being caught.


Whether you want to go for the built-in recording via Skype or other renowned tools, we have compiled a list of detailed ideas through which you can record your skype calls secretly.

If you’re a desktop user then QuickTime can ease your life completely by choosing a few options for a complete recording.

Not only that but you can also choose the type and size of the screen being recorded very easily and only the selected part will appear on your screen.

Also, you can record your screen through IPhone and Android through CubeACR and can have conversations side by side.

After secretly recording those calls, you can also share the recorded video on different platforms as well.

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