How Cellular Accessories Help Better Resale Value?

How Cellular Accessories Help Better Resale Value?

How Cellular Accessories Help Better Resale Value

As we know, smartphone technology is upgrading every day. Smartphone manufacturers keep introducing innovative technologies to attract their customers.

Now, this trend has taken a new definition with the introduction of 5G technology. Most of the smartphone users are switching to 5G smartphones from 4G ones.

It is common for tech lovers to spend extra bucks for buying the latest smartphone. However, other users usually face difficulties in making this kind of switch.

The reason is the low resale value. Even they cannot resale their recently purchased smartphones to buy a newer one. Buyers always make excuses such as cracked screen, port damage, hardware malfunctioning, etc., and lower down the resale value.

Here the cellular accessories come into play. You might be thinking about how cellular accessories can help in better resale value.

Keep reading the blog post to explore the benefits of cellular accessories is increasing resale value.

1. Use Original Charger:

A battery is amongst the most crucial hardware components of a smartphone. Sometimes, we buy a charger manufactured by a local brand to save our money.

It might be friendly to your pocket, but reduce the battery health of your smartphone. So, always buy an original charger manufactured by your smartphone manufacturers for maintaining battery health.  

  • Better battery health: As discussed above, you can maintain battery health by using an original charger. It will further help you in reselling your smartphone at the expected resale value.
  • Protection from port damages: Besides battery health, the original charger also prevents the charging port of your device from damages. You can sell your smartphone with ease if its charging port works properly.

2. Apply screen protector:

Well, I don’t think this point needs explanation. We all know that how a cracked screen reduces the resale value of a smartphone.

A buyer will refuse to pay the worth amount for your device if it has cracks on the screen. Here screen protector act as a shield to protect your smartphone’s display and its resale value as well.

However, make sure you are buying a screen protector compatible with your device model for expected results.

  • Maintain Display Quality: Maintaining display quality is the primary motive of applying a screen protector on the smartphone. It protects the screen digitizer from cracks, scratches, and everything that can affect its quality.
  • In case you accidentally drops your smartphone on a hard surface, you will find the screen protector is broken, not the screen digitizer.
  • Better user experience: Besides maintaining display, it offers you a smudge-free and clear screen for an immersive experience.
  • Even some manufacturers also produce anti-blue ray screen protectors. It means screen protectors will also protect your eyes along with screen digitizer.

3. Use Silicon Back Case:

Silicon back cases are another life-saving accessory for a smartphone. It protects the back housing of a smartphone during an accident or a drop. Along with that, silicon backs cases also feature protective bumps on the corners to protect the frame.

Especially the latest smartphones that come with glass and plastic unibody. Back cases protect them from developing severe cracks and damages during a drop.  

  • Protect back housing: Back housing is the most highlighted part of a smartphone during its resale valuation.
  • In case there are cracks or scratches on your smartphone’s back housing, the user will refuse to buy it for your desired value. That is the reason why silicon cases are considered lifesavers for a smartphone.
  • Protection to hardware components: A Silicon back case not only protects the back housing though it also makes a shield around several hardware components of your device.
  • It absorbs the pressure during a drop and prevents hardware components from getting damaged. You can sell your device for the desired price if its hardware components are working properly.

4. Switch to Bluetooth devices:

Bluetooth devices are amongst the top trending cellular accessories. These devices help you in accessing your device without connecting any wires.

You can choose from a variety of Bluetooth devices, including wireless earphones, smartwatches, speakers, etc. Meanwhile, always buy Bluetooth devices with the latest hardware and software components for a better user experience.

  • Prevents port depreciation: As discussed earlier, Bluetooth devices need no wire to connect with your smartphone. Suppose you are using Bluetooth earphones instead of wired ones.
  • You will save the device’s ports from getting damaged with wires and pins. Thus, the ports will remain new and enhance the resale value of your smartphone.  
  • Makes devices more accessible: Smartphone users mainly consider buying Bluetooth headphones as a waste of money. However, they are the most productive cell phone accessories in the world.
  • They not only prevent the port from damages, though they help you in accessing your smartphone without even touching it. You can access your smartphone even if it is safe in your pocket.


You might be willing to exchange your 4Gen smartphone for a 5Gen one. Meanwhile, the resale value in Canada depends on the condition of your smartphone.

Not only in Canada, but your smartphone must be in a good condition if you want to exchange or resale it. You can pull out yourself from all the credentials that reduce the resale price of a smartphone.

All you need to do is to use essential cellular accessories. The cellular accessories will allow you to use your smartphone without depreciating its primary components.

However, you should use these accessories from the first day of using a smartphone. You cannot recover smartphone components with cellular accessories after they are broken. Visit- Esource Parts 

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